Ready for School Words. 100 Words for Big Kids

  • Published by Britannica’s Books

 Starting school for the first time can be extremely difficult for some children, especially as they are only 4 years old.

So books like this are very important as they can give children a good idea what to expect during the day.

We are introduced to 7 different families, these families represent British families all around the country.

We have a look inside the different houses to see their different routines.

We start off in the morning and we can see Grampa feeding the baby, and families having different sorts of breakfast.

We then go on to see how different they go about getting ready to leave the house.

We explore the classroom to see all the exciting things the children are doing. These classrooms look similar to most primary school rooms. We visit other places in a school such as the library, the dining hall and the music room.

Everything is labelled in the book so the children get to learn all the words, this would be extremely helpful to those starting a school or even those who want to see how other families live.

After that we get a look at various other places that might be new for a child. These include the doctors, going out for a meal and the building site.

This book will help put names to things, it will help there confidence going to a new place, and they will enjoy a brilliant story.


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