What’s New Harper Drew? Talent Show Takeover

If you have yet to read the first in the Harper Drew series you can check out our double review feature here. This young girl that headlines the series gives us first hand insight into her life through diary entry format, and boy does she live an exciting life! In this latest instalment readers are immediately thrust into the ensuing chaos surrounding Harper Drew. There is a snake on the loose that her younger brother discovered in the neighbours kitchen cupboard, the family bathroom is in disarray because Harper’s dad has decided he will undergo the DIY needed to make it functional again – and thought playdoh would attach tiles to the wall!, so its slow going on that front, and Harper has a talent show to prepare for too.

The book is jam packed with humour, and I loved the many creative outfits (for want of a better word!) that Harper’s mum concocts as a means of preventing the missing snake biting her. It is such a feel good LOL book to read, and definitely keeps you captivated with the different family and friend characters in Harper’s life adding to the mayhem and madness. I got curious as to how Harper Drew came to exist in these fabulous books by Kathy Weeks, so I put the question to her…

What is the inspiration behind Harper Drew’s character? 

Harper is confident, strong, she knows her own mind, even though sometimes life around her can be chaotic. I think I created her because she’s who I wanted to be at school. I didn’t really fit in because I wanted to learn and that wasn’t the case for a lot of people there. I have some quite vivid memories of some horrible things happening to me in school – people making fun of me, throwing my school bag around, having my hand up in an English lesson and someone throwing a book that hit me in the head. We went on a residential trip to Derbyshire when it had been snowing, and for the entirety of the long walk boys were throwing snowballs at me. I changed schools for sixth form which was much better, but for years I was in awe of confident people, and it has had a lasting impact on me. I still sometimes feel that I don’t fit in. 

I know that I’m definitely not alone in these feelings, and that’s why I have been so passionate about helping children discover their own confidence and self-worth with my non-fiction work. My fiction books are a natural extension of that. I want families to laugh out loud reading about Harper’s adventures and mishaps – because they are funny! – but also relate the books to their own friendships and relationships. School can be a really tricky place to navigate, and through my books I want to encourage children in an accessible way to build their self-assurance. 

Check out the other stops on the blog tour (see banner below) for more insight and reviews into this must read 2022 publication, and be sure to add these titles to your library, they wont disappoint.


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