Brilliant Board Books – September 2022 (Part Two)

If you missed Part One of my Board Book reviews for this month you can find it here.

One Little Bug

  • Written by Becky Davies
  • Illustrated by Jacob Souva

“Exploring Nature for Curious Kids” is the perfect tagline for this fantastic new publication by the brilliant Becky Davies, and has bold brightly coloured illustrations to capture little ones attention from cover to cover.

Throughout the book there are plenty of flaps for little ones to engage themselves with as they explore all of the information this book has to offer on bugs, with some really fascinating details that little ones will enjoy learning. Everything from Ants to Prey Mantis’ is included in this book, and there is so much to see on each page that allows little ones to learn and recognise all of the various insects detailed inside.

The book also makes suggestions for readers on how they can explore outdoors to find bugs themselves, and that aspect of this book combined with how informative and detailed it is throughout makes this such an invaluable learning tool, and a book little ones will want to go back to time and time again.

You Are Strong – Inspiring Words from the Heart

  • Written and Illustrated by Lynn Giunta
  • Little Tiger

This fabulous book is brim full of inspiring and powerful sentences, which are printed in large, eye catching, font across each page. They are complimented with relevant illustrations, which draw you further in to the meaning behind the sentences, and offer further visual stimulation as you feel the positivity emulating off the page, and enhancing your mood and outlook as a consequence. If you are looking to inspire and encourage the little ones in your life to believe in themselves the way that you do, and to reinforce how things do always get better, well then this is the book for you! A beautiful book to share at home, nursery, or the library, and perfect for gifting too.

You Can, Tou-Can! – 5 Ways to Try

  • With Illustrations by Gareth Lucas
  • Published by Little Tiger

This is another amazing example of a book that inspires positivity through tales of each of the five toucans that feature inside being successful in what they put their minds too, and these range from singing a song to trying swimming for the first time. It is a fantastic feature to have the five toucans in 3d format, with cut outs on the pages that follow allowing for one less toucan each turn of the page, as each of them achieves amazing things. You can see which toucan has tried the respective activity as it is clearly visible on the page, and little ones will enjoy working this out, and counting the toucans as you read to them too. The book has such stunning, vibrantly coloured, illustrations that captivate your attention as you take in the surroundings of each situation unfolding for the toucans. I love this book, and cannot wait to share it with lots of little ones in my life.

Animals – An interactive lift-the-flap book

  • Written by Okidokid
  • Illustrated by Liuna Virardi
  • Published by Little Tiger

This is a book of opposites, of which all are animal themed. There is a flap little ones can interact with in order to reveal the full extent of the opposite being referenced, which makes this such a fun book to gift little ones, and one you know will keep their little hands as busy as their imaginations too! I love the bold and bright illustrations depicting the variety of animals that feature, and how they make identifying the animals easy for little ones as a consequence too.

Animals are something that little ones are always fascinated by, and learning ways to distinguish between them through the use of flaps, silhouetted style illustrations, fun colour palette, and opposites makes this such a fantastic addition to a little persons library.


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