Swarm Enemy

Picking up with friends Danny and Jamila where Swarm Rising left off, Swarm Enemy thrusts readers straight into another incredible sci-fi adventure. Danny seems to have returned to normal since the duo saved humanity from Swarm in the first book, but Jamila starts to display super abilities that quickly increase in intensity, with morphing through the wall of their adjoining houses before disappearing. Everyone has had any memory of Jamila ever existing erased except Danny, can he save his best friend?

Just when it seems as though Danny is also in danger, having walked straight into the hands of those responsible for Jamila’s disappearance, readers will breath a sigh of relief knowing that Adi has returned, and rescues Danny from the imminent danger he faced. Adi is a member of Swarm, but she worked against their determination to erase all of humanity in book one, and saw the potential for humans to change, and to save planet earth by doing so, and worked with Danny and Jamila to that end. Although she isn’t quite her former self when she returns to help Danny, she is still a much welcomed ally in the fight for survival that Danny and Jamila once again find themselves at the centre of.

The combination of a dystopian story and informative astronomical content really does keep you invested in reading this book, and for me it was one that once I started reading it I didn’t want to put it down because there was always something happening alongside additional interesting information to not only help readers understand but to make the world that this incredible pair of authors has created come to life as it grips you and pulls you in.

Jamila’s abilities have gained her attention of not just Swarm, but also another party, the “Swarm Enemy”, each eager to access alien-enhanced DNA, but for completely different reasons. Swarm don’t want that kind of technology to remain in the hands of humans, but the Swarm Enemy have much more sinister intentions, so Danny and Adi working together, with Swarm overseeing the extent of Adi’s involvement. I can see my Son loving this series as he absolutely loves the Alex Rider books by Anthony Horowitz, and this has those same fast-paced, action-packed vibes, with incredible characters to relate to at their core. I will be waiting in anticipation of more in this series.

Be sure to check out the rest of the blog tour for more insight into this incredible new title, which is available to purchase from all good booksellers now.

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