Great Titles to Enjoy from Graffeg

I love the books published by Graffeg. Here are some of my new favourites. 

Fred and the Fantastic Tub-Tub

  • Written by Zeb Soanes
  • Illustrations by Anja Uhren

When Fred stays with her grandfather while her dad has to work she’s in for the adventure of her life.

Her grandfather has green fingers and spends all his spare time in his garden, he takes Fred to the mysterious island of Papa Nupi, not only will this be the adventure of her life but it might also save the planet. This is an exciting adventure for the reader to go on, and hopefully it will inspire us to make the world a better place. 

The illustrations are out of this world, they are so beautifully drawn and help make the book truly memorable. At the back of the book there are ideas to help you play your part in saving the planet. 

Ebb and Flo and Their New Friend

  • Written and illustrated by Jane Simmons
  • Another fantastic book in the Ebb and Flo series

In this book Ebb doesn’t like that a bird has joined them in the boat, that the bird seems to be taking the attention away from Ebb. When Ebb’s wish comes true, and the bird disappears suddenly Ebb realises that life isn’t better without the bird, in fact Ebb misses the bird.

This is a lovely book about friendship and acceptance, with beautiful illustrations. Fans of Ebb and Flo will love this book.

Ebb and Flo and the Sea Monster

  • Written and illustrated by Jane Simmons

Travelling back from granny’s the family become stranded and have to camp out over night Ebb and Flo decides to keep a look out for sea monsters, but there not really real are they?

I love this series of books, I love the relationship between Ebb and Flo and the adventures they go on. These books are Easy for younger children to read with Big font and big bright pictures. 

Fletcher and the Rockpool

  • Written by Julia Rawlinson and Tiphanie Beeke

This is another great story. In the story Fletcher is down on the beach when the tide comes in, he thinks the little creatures in the rockpool are stranded and try’s to help them, but are they really stranded?

With beautiful illustrations this will teach younger children all about sea life.


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