Rumaysa Ever After

Rumaysa A Fairytale was one of the books you needed to read when it first came out. It is a truly amazing book.

Rumaysa Ever After is the sequel to this book, I was so excited to read this as I really enjoyed the first one.

This follows straight after the first one. Rumaysa has escaped from her tower, and she is now trying to find her parents, she is leaving no stone unturned. 

She receives an invitation from the Queen Saira White, this is basically Snow White. We join her as she has just defeated her evil stepmother. What does she want with Rumaysa?

In the first book Rumaysa had several adventures but in this she has one massive one.

The first book is good but this one is even better.

I’m not going to give any spoilers away but it’s left me thinking that there won’t be a third. 

If you like Princes and Princesses, Witches and Beasts then this is the book for you.

The illustrations are beautifully drawn.

If I was to describe this book in three words then I’d use magical, empowering, and funny.

Be sure to check out rest of this incredible blog tour, via the information on the banner below, and fellow BookBound blogger Sam’s review of Rumaysa A Fairytale here.

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