Wolfbane – The Epic Conclusion to the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series

Whether it is a book written by Michelle Paver intended for children, or those that she writes for adults, it is always the case that I instantly warmly recall how my three children all have a literary affinity to the Wolf Brother series, of which Wolfbane is the ninth and final instalment. This is a series that immersed each of my children into this wonderous world from book one, the self titled Wolf Brother, which had such a positive impact on engaging not only my children but many millions more around the world, and had each and every one of them eager to read the next title, and the next title, and now here we are with the epic conclusion.

Michelle Paver – image credit Anthony Upton

Wolfbane publishes today (26th April 2022) in hardback, which is perfect for my house, as we have the previous eight titles in this series in hardback format, making this the perfect addition to our collection, and paperback format is coming out later this year. The true testament to Michelle’s incredible talent as an author is in being able to read this book as either a standalone adventure, or as the much longed for additional title to a much loved series. It is no mean fete to write a ninth instalment in a series, which is also its finale, and also enable new readers that haven’t had the pleasure of the previous titles to enjoy Wolfbane without confusion.

You needn’t read more then the opening pages of Wolfbane to become enthralled by the unfolding adventure that awaits. We return to Torak and Renn as they track Naiginn, a human (referred to as a tailless) with the spirit of an ice demon trapped inside of him, making him the villain since his appearance in book eight, Skin Taker. Naiginn steals the souls from others to strengthen his power, and the brightest soul there is is that of Wolf, Torak’s long standing four-legged ‘brother’ since the first book when Torak finds and rescues Wolf as an orphaned cub.

After realising Naiginn’s intentions towards Wolf it is Torak and Renn who head towards Wolf’s den, where they find the wolf pack there are under attack from Naiginn, and in the chaos of what ensues upon Torak and Renn’s arrival there it is Wolf who gives chase on a retreating Naiginn, and that split second decision dictates the subsequent powerful and poignant voyage that Torak and Renn set off on, which is one of rescue and reunion with Wolf, and to ensure Naiginn is unsuccessful in his dark desires. Readers are in for such an incredible reading experience as they accompany the pair on this journey, as they take to the sea, and leave behind the landscapes they are familiar with.

This is a Stone Age based story that contains numerous dangers for both Wolf, who has gotten lost and adrift in the perilous ocean, and Torak and Renn who are searching for him. The two different perspectives of both the series’ main male characters – Torak and Wolf – gives readers the advantage of the two different viewpoints throughout the build up to, and including, the dangerous circumstances surrounding them. There is tension from the very offset of this story, with Naiginn on the prowl, and this suspenseful vibe is maintained throughout, especially when Torak and Renn face delays to their progress and as a reader you get impatient with them, willing them to succeed in safely locating and reuniting with Wolf.

If you have read the entire series you will have come to love Wolf as much as you do Torak, and as such it makes this conclusion to the world we have wandered alongside this pair, since the first book was published in 2005, ever more poignant and emotive as their battle for survival reaches its peak, facing the dangerous elements of the ocean, and sealing their fates as the book ends. I got teary, as this has been such an unforgettable series to become immersed in, and whilst I am so glad there has been this new addition to the series, I felt overwhelmed that this is the finale.

Michelle Paver has enriched the childhoods of millions of children across the world with her rich and vivid world she has written about across each of the nine books in this series, and breathing life into such an incredible array of characters that dwell there, of which readers will forever recall the pleasure they had in walking alongside them in each and every one of these books, Wolfbane being a prime example of this. This conclusion to the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series completely does justice to all of these things, and the tagline on the books cover too, because nothing says it better then to state that Michelle Paver is a ‘Creator of Legends’.

Is in an absolute pleasure to be kicking off the blog tour today for Wolfbane, alongside other brilliant bloggers, and I hope you (like me) will enjoy their content via the blog tour banner below. A huge thank you to Zephyr Books for this opportunity, and to Michelle Paver for this phenomenal book series, which truly reflects as a labour of love.

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