My return to in-person book events featured The 100 Story Hotel!

This time last week I had the pleasure of heading to London for my first in-person book event since early 2020, when Covid 19 put a halt to gatherings, and in doing so has played a large part in how book events are predominantly virtual now. I have longed for the opportunity to be amongst other like minded people these past few years, because being in the company of book lovers, authors, illustrators, and the incredible publicists that work tirelessly to put on these kind of events allows for such an unforgettable experience. It was exactly what I had missed for so long, and the event itself was utterly magical, and one that I truly loved attending, one that was hosted at the Discover Children’s Story Centre.

This event celebrated the newest exhibition to feature at the Centre, that of The 100 Story Hotel, which opened to the public on 2nd April, and showcases the characters and books of bestselling, multi award-winning author and illustrator Rob Biddulph. This really special experience offers children an entire world themed around Rob’s books to immerse themselves in, allowing them to become immersed in amongst so many incredible themed areas, including a beach, a sushi restaurant, and even Peanut Jones’ hotel room! Every single part of the 100 stories hotel offering roleplay scenarios to be enjoyed and interactivity, all of which ensures maximum enjoyment for the intended 0-8 years aged children visiting.

There is endless enjoyment to be found here, with the many props to interact with, and bring play to a whole new level. I particularly love the different outfits that can be found throughout the different areas of the 100 Story Hotel, with my favourite being those that allow children to dress like hotel staff. The attention to detail when this exhibition was brought to life makes it utterly adorable to see through the eyes of little ones, which I was lucky enough to see first hand whilst there as there was also children visiting, and they were playing with the shopping trolleys, toy hoover, and many other props in a make believe world they had created as a consequence of this exhibition’s inspiration, and physical contents.

All of this brilliant concept is designed to include all of the characters from Rob Biddulph’s books, which can be spotted throughout the experience, often taking on roles of hotel staff, and there is all the more reason to pay attention to all of the detail on display, by taking part in the activity to discover who is responsible for the hotel’s 100th story having gone missing. Be sure to write down each clue you find on your activity sheet along the way as you escape amongst this visually stunning experience, all of which is being housed inside an incredible building in Stratford, London.

I highly recommend this as a go to event for families with young children, who will undoubtedly enjoy every part of visiting here – the uniquely shaped, colourful lights that feature throughout, the characters to spot, the interaction components, and especially the magical vibe you instantly get as soon as you enter the hotel, as though you have walked through the wardrobe to Narnia – except this really does exist, and you can find out more information and book tickets through the Discover Children’s Story Centre website here.

I would like to extend a massive thank you to Discover Children’s Story Centre for extending me an invitation to come and enjoy this unforgettable experience.

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