More Perfect Board Books by Little Tiger

Looking for my Mummy

This is such an adorable book for little ones, that tells about how little bunny is eager to have a cuddle with mummy rabbit, and subsequently goes on an adventure whilst searching for mum. There are flaps on each page to interact with, which allow the reader to uncover other animals along they way, and details what the respective animal is up to, and the noise they make. It has such a cute feel to it throughout.

The illustrations feature photographs of the animals that the little bunny discovers, and they are so sweet to look at, in the most adorable of poses, and the rest of the illustrative content has a meadow feel through the chosen colour palette, and draws your eye to the variety of flowers and leaves that are a part of the landscape being explored.

This would make a fantastic gift for little ones, with Easter in mind, as well as to enjoy learning about different animals and plant life we find amongst the countryside, in our gardens, as pets, and in many other scenarios. The theme of the bunny looking for mummy rabbit also makes this a fantastic shared book for Mothers day, as the love between the pair is obvious for all to see, and baby bunny persevering in the search for mummy is testament to how much of a bond the pair have, and how much love they have for one another.

Nature – An Outdoor Adventure (Toddler Take-Along)

I loved this book the moment I set my eyes on it, as it features a cloth handle that is attached to the top, and I can appreciate how it makes the book all the more versatile in use, and likely to engage children too. My nephew will love walking around carrying this book by the handle, and I can also use the handle as a means to attach the book to his buggy straps on a walk.

The contents of the book are intended to entertain little ones whilst they are enjoying the outdoors, and designed like a checklist of things to look out for, and find along the way to wherever it is you are going. There are pictures of things that can be found whilst out and about, like worms, spiders, and clouds. This book offers so much interaction through its content, design, and the spy hole type cut outs that show content from the page before/after too.

ABC of Love – by Patricia Hegarty, and illustrated by Summer Macon

As the title suggests, this is an A to Z for little ones, that gives a word relating to love, in relation to every letter of the alphabet, and is done so in a way that is both emotive, and adorable. The definitions for each letter are those of emotions, actions, feelings, timings, and more, and all in relation to love itself,

The colour palette has a calming feel to it through the use of pastels, and gives off romantic/loving vibes through that design choice. I truly loved the ending on Z being that of one that encourages going to sleep, making this a perfect choice for bedtime, and with the beautifully illustrated characters that adorn the pages children are definitely likely to have magical dreams too.

Hello, Bee – by Sophie Ledesma

Following Bee around as he flies around and explores the nature around him, we get to meet other insects along the way including a worm, and a ladybird, and using the ‘touch, feel and reveal’ aspects to the book we can investigate more through the details and content behind flaps, etc.

With bold colours, and big illustrations inside, this book is eye catching from cover to cover, and little ones will love it. My nephew really enjoys this book, and smiles when he discovers stuff inside, from the characters to the flaps, and being able to interact with the feel patches of fabric that are also a part of the design feature.

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