Nisha’s War

  • Written by Dan Smith 
  • Published by Chicken House

1942 in Singapore and the Japanese have just invaded Singapore,  Nisha’s home has been destroyed so Nisha and her mother decide to escape to England to say with her British grandmother in her fathers ancestral home. After a long journey they arrive in bleak northern England. 

Her dad is missing in action and her grandmother very cold and stern towards her , there are countless rules she must obey including not going near the weeping tree on the cliff edge. Suddenly her mum becomes ill and it becomes touch and go if she will survive. 

To begin with Nisha obeys her grandmother and goes no where near the tree, but soon she sees a ghost child beckoning to her, surely everyone deserves a friend?

This is a beautiful story, it tells the story of the war from a different angle, an angle that has never been explore before in children’s literature. This is an historical ghost story dealing with important issues such as grief, guilt and forgiveness .

We discover and experience all the prejudices that Nisha experienced.  With more and more primary schools teaching children about world war 2 this book is perfect to show children a different perspective of the war.

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