The Perfect Bedtime Board Book (1) – Titles from Little Tiger

Noah and the Starbird

  • Written by Barry Timms
  • Illustrated by Faye Hsu

This heart warming story tells of a young boy named Noah, who is staying at his grandma’s whilst his poorly dad is in hospital, and his mum is busy visiting the hospital. Whilst Noah and his grandma unpack the young boy’s belongings in the spare bedroom Noah spots a bird themed lamp, and is told that it has belonged in his family for a long time, and grandma is convinced that the lamp is magical!

At night time when Noah feels lonely, and misses his dad most, the Starbird from the lamp speaks to Noah, and offers him the reassurances he needs, and the days that follow maintain the same routine of distractions and grandma’s warm hugs during the day, and companionship and warm glow from the Starbird at night. On the final night, before Noah heads back home, he and the magical bird fly off together to deliver one of the birds feathers to dad in the hospital, with dad being much better in the morning.

The utterly stunning illustrations that accompany this story are what truly bring the magic and majesty of the Starbird to life, both on the page and in the imaginations of little ones. The use of light colours to depict the magical bird, and the warm glow that it gives off and emulates around it, is truly talented artwork. These images will delight audiences of all ages, and make this a treat to share time and time again – so whether you are looking for a book to share that has a feel good vibe at its core, or a story to enjoy together that encourages your little ones to not feel afraid at bedtime (or of the dark), or you would like to inspire your child’s imagination (and belief in the magical), this book is perfect.

Under the Stars

  • Written by Rosie Adams
  • Illustrated by Frances Ives

What stood out as one of the lovable features of this book, whether you are the reader or the intended audience, is the repetition of the phrase ‘The world is a family : we are all one’ and a follow up sentence that reflects that sentiment, because threaded throughout this book is a theme of inclusivity, as we follow two foxes on their journey together.

Whilst the pair are exploring different terrain, and seeing different characters along the way, they recognise the core components we all have in common, and celebrate the wonderful world we live in along the way too! This story is filled with positivity, kindness, caring, and hope, which make it the perfect title to share with younger children to encourage these characteristics in the way they interpret the big wide world too!

The aspects of nature shared through the illustrative content of this adventure, in both the landscapes depicted and the variety of animals that we see along the way, make this an immersive adventure for children to enjoy, whilst giving an authenticity to the experience they have. There are so many beautiful details to enjoy across each page, and the illustrations really are stunning to share as you enjoy this feel good title, which will doubtlessly be requested over and over again.

Goodnight Toucan

  • Written and Illustrated by Joanne Partis

An incredible jungle based adventure awaits readers of this stunning picture book, as they follow toucan on his mission to create the perfect sleepover for him and his friends, who have all excitedly accepted his invitation. When toucan realises just how highly anticipated the night time event is he panics, believing he does not have what it takes for it to be a success, and so he heads off into the jungle searching for things to make it perfect.

Toucan spots one thing after another that he believes will be perfect for his sleepover, and proceeds to take them home, but pretty quickly finds that even he has his limitations, and all his efforts end in disaster – that is until he makes it home, and his friends explain that all they needed was him! It is a heart warming conclusion to a feel good title, and so lovely to see how both sides of this friendship are ultimately trying to achieve the same outcome, and make each other realise how much they mean.

This is one of those perfect shared stories that reiterates the importance of what really matters in life, and how it isn’t the materialistic things in life that we truly need, it is one another, and the cosy vibe that the illustrations within this book have to offer absolutely compliment this story brilliantly, and give depth and detail to the different characters perspectives as they share in a collaborative venture of the life lesson worthy variety.

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