The Perfect Bedtime Board Book (2) – Titles from Little Tiger

I Love You to the Moon and Back – by Amelia Hepworth and illustrated by Tim Warnes (Hardcover)

With short rhyming sentences throughout this book that detail activities that the parent and child bear do with one another that personify their love for one another, this is a beautiful book for parents to share with their little ones. This title is an international bestseller, and it is easy to understand why, as it beautifully reflects the bond between a parent and child, and does so in a way that feels so heartfelt and genuine.

The words are those that parents express from the point of expecting a baby, and indeed this book has likely been read to many a baby in the womb, and throughout the early years of a little ones life, but it is also one of those meaningful and heart warming titles that as a child grows up they themselves decide to cherish.

The illustrations compliment the text within this book as readers are instantly drawn to the closeness between the books two characters through the use of warm colours, as well as scene textualisation. The combination of beautiful sentences and illustrations is what ensures this title is a timeless classic, and it always will be.

A Children’s Book of Mindfulness – Happy – by Nicola Edwards and Katie Hickey

This book is gorgeously illustrated, as is evident from the book cover design, where the depth and use of lighting reflect the details that subsequently draw your attention to them. The book talks of the use of each of our different senses to bring us happiness, and combined with an awareness of our surroundings we are able to find a true sense of joy and contentment.

What I also love about this book is how it poses suggestions alongside the illustrations that help get readers thinking about what is being referred to, for example ‘ Close your eyes and see if you can tell what things are just by touching them’, and when I shared this book with little ones they absolutely loved the heightening of their senses, and the awareness they got as a consequence.

This is a really brilliant choice of book to encourage children to put more consideration into the world we live in, and the often all to overlooked additional aspects to it that can bring us enjoyment and happiness.

Hello Farm! – A High Contrast book for Babies

With black backgrounded pages that feature a white outlined animal, and then a subsequent white backgrounded page with a black outlined animal, this is the perfect book for little ones who see black and white before they see colours. The animals that feature are all farm animals that we are familiar with, which makes this a perfect book to take on a farm journey, or just to teach little ones about farm animals in general.

Along with the black and white theme there is also the use of a contrasting fluorescent colour that draws attention to details such a the ducks beak, and the horses mane. The sentences state the sound each animal makes, and they have speech bubbles in the pictures that all say hello, with the exception of the final page, which says ‘night night, baby!’

This is a lovely board book for little ones, and one that my nephew has absolutely loved sharing with me, and looking through by himself.

Hello, Frog! (Touch, Feel and Reveal) – by Isabel Otter and illustrated by Sophie Ledesma

Readers are in for a real treat as they get to interact with flaps on each of the pages, which show examples of amphibians and reptiles, from a frog to a snake, and many more. There are also small finger sized holes that allow little ones to feel different textures too.

The illustrations are bold and bright, and eye catching in a way that will thrill little ones to see, especially the different flowers and plants that can be found around the reptiles and amphibians that feature in the book. It is an all round engaging book, offering little ones the chance to explore the content of the book, and learn along the way.

I Want to be… a Ballerina – illustrated by Richard Merritt

I absolutely love the I Want to be… series, with previous titles having been published including such professions as being a teacher, a doctor, a firefighter, and an astronaut. There is a mirror on the final page, so that little ones can see themselves as the book as if they would like to be a ballerina too.

The book details ballerina themed information such as outfits that are worn, the shoes, and how with training it could conclude with performances and shows. There is so much to be learnt from within this book, and the details will definitely impress and inspire those that are enjoying this book.

The illustrative content in this book is bold and bright, and grabs readers attention from the offset, and throughout. There are so many special details on each page that would enable a sort of eye spy game to this book, which is how I chose to further engage the little ones that I had read this book with. I cannot wait to find out which profession features next in the series, and share them with the children that are now fans of this series as a consequence of us sharing them.

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