Picture Book Perfection

There is definitely something special about sharing the perfect picture book with younger children, whether it be at home or in school. The titles that feature on this blog offer brilliant stories with gorgeous illustrations, and are perfect for encouraging an enjoyment of books and stories with little ones.

Along Came a Fox – Georgiana Deutsch and Cally Johnson-Isaacs

  • Published by Little Tiger on 4th February
  • RRP – £6.99 (pb)

This is a beautiful story about a fox that sets out looking for fireflies, with his hedgehog friend for company. Down by the water, fox sees his reflection and believes it to be another fox that has caught him off guard, and so he yells at the fox to go away. After consulting with their friend the wise owl they return to the water, and when the moon comes back out they make friends with their reflections, with owl wisely saying you get what you give out, so being angry to others will likely warrant the same response back, and being nice is therefore better. A great moral of the story style picture book with content that will leave younger readers thinking long after the story ends.

Alone! – Barry Falls

  • Publishes on 4th March by Pavilion
  • RRP – £6.99 (pb)

Telling the tale of Billy McGill, using rhyming verse, we learn that the young boy likes living on his own at the top of a hill, until he discovers a mouse! Eager to restore his choice of being alone Billy sets about in a sequence of events that gets funnier as he goes along, and more ridiculous too – even including a bear! When it doesn’t go according to plan Billy heads off to find somewhere he can be alone, before realising with a bit of compromise he can be alone and see friends too. A highly relevant story for children who often long to see friends (but cannot at present), and will appreciate those opportunities that offer them both their own time to do their own thing and time with friends too.

I’m Sorry! – Barry Timms and Sean Julian

  • Published by Little Tiger on 4th February
  • RRP – £6.99 (pb)

A story about how two best friends fall out through not giving each other any due consideration when making decisions that impact them both, and how they learn that a sincere apology fixes all fall outs, but it has to be sincere. A great story to get children to realise the importance of meaningful apologies.

The Little Pirate Queen – Sally Anne Garland

  • Publishes on 6th April by New Frontier Publishing
  • RRP – £11.99 (HB)

Gorgeously illustrated, this is the story of Lucy, who loves to sail, but wishes she had a shiny new boat like the other kids that are out sailing. For Lucy has a raft, and it constantly needs some TLC, which Lucy is becoming better and better at. When a storm leaves all the children ship wrecked, Lucy’s raft is the only craft to survive, so she sets about rescuing the others. Working together, the children all improve the raft, and are able to reach the far off island that Lucy has longed to reach for a long time. A great story of how working together can help you to achieve your goals, and that becoming side tracked to help others has fantastic outcomes and rewards.

The Greatest Show Penguin – Lucy Freegard

  • Published by Pavilion on 2nd February
  • RRP – £6.99 (pb)

Telling the story of Poppy the Penguin, who is incredibly talented within the circus, and pushes herself to be successful so that she can make her parents proud. Deep down though Poppy realises she is unhappy and confides in her mum, who takes them on a break away from circus life. Whilst away Poppy realises she misses the circus life but not as a performer, and she sets about learning new skills that enable her to run the circus from behind the scenes. Poppy is so happy and her parents are so proud. A great story about leaving your comfort zone, and opening up about how you feel.

A Little Bit Worried – Ciara Gavin and Tim Warnes

  • Published by Little Tiger
  • RRP – £6.99 (pb)

Weasel gets caught in awful weather and feels inferior compared with how strong the weather is, so he builds a home he can stay safe in. When mole arrives weasel finds himself confiding in him as to how he is afraid of, and doesn’t like the weather. Mole gives a different perspective on how the weather can lead to fun like building a snowman or jumping in puddles, and they head out together into the sunshine after mole explains the best way to face something you don’t like or are afraid of is with friends. The weather is a great example of the feelings and mood of the characters, and teaching little ones that sharing your worries and facing them with friends is invaluable.

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