A look at Little Tiger titles for Little Ones (3)

The books that feature in this instalment of A look at Little Tiger titles for Little Ones are all due for publication on 4th March, which just so happens to be World Book Day 2021, a day to celebrate books with children. What better way to start them celebrating the joy that books have to offer then by introducing them to fantastic books with quality content, and ensure a love of books from an early age.

Where’s My Dinosaur? – Becky Davies, with illustrations by Kate McLelland

This dinosaur themed board book encourages interaction from little ones with the textured aspects to the animals that feature in the book. The text takes readers on a hunt for a dinosaur that the ‘narrator’ has misplaced, and we come across other animals that have the feature referenced – such as sharp white teeth. The bold illustrations are eye catching without being too distracting, and help with teaching little ones a small selection of animals whilst reading. There is so much to enjoy in this book whether you like dinosaurs prior to seeing this book, or indeed become fans as a consequence. Little ones will love this book.

First Nature : Caterpillar – Harriet Evans and Bryony Clarkson

With a flap on each page to interact with, and build on the scene unfolding in front of them, this book features rhyming sentences as it details caterpillars as they grow from little ones, eating and growing along the way. The caterpillar becomes a chrysalis, and then a butterfly, and the book concludes with a double page spread of stunning butterflies. This is both educational and fun, and through the combination of cute illustrations and interactable aspects this book has vibes of a modern day take on the timeless classic The Hungry Caterpillar, and is intended for little ones, who are always curious and eager to learn, and no doubt acknowledge bugs and butterflies, asking questions on the way – and what better way to answer those questions than with a gorgeous board book.

Little Hen Little Hen What Can You See? – Amelia Hepworth and Pintachan

This cute board book features farmyard animals as we follow a hen around and discover other animals along the way. With sentences that rhyme, and the repetition of ‘what can you see?’ this book is easy for younger audiences to follow, and they will soon pick up when they should look behind the full page flap to see which animal is behind it, or make guesses before hand based on details visible to readers. The book concludes with a flap that reveals a mirror, and little ones will be delighted to be ‘found’ by little hen, and have a part in the adventure too. This is a fun book that makes it so enjoyable and interesting to accompany little hen, as they look around and detail what they can see. This is definitely one of those books little ones will ask for time and time again.

Bear & Mouse : Birthday Party – Nicola Edwards and Maria Neradova

Bear and Mouse host a party to celebrate Bear’s birthday, inviting over their friends, and enjoying all that is associated with a birthday/party such as gifts and blowing out candles. The book is a lovely adventure for younger children to enjoy, and showcases the perfect celebration. There are sliders and flaps to interact with, which little ones will obviously enjoy, and being able to engage with the story through actions will doubtlessly lead to this being a popular choice from bookcases everywhere. The gorgeous illustrations have a traditional feel, and compliment the text perfectly by reflecting the energy and ambience of the party perfectly.

Little Nature : Hatch – Pau Morgan

This board book focuses on animals, insects, and amphibians that hatch from eggs. Little ones will be fascinated to learn that butterflies come from caterpillars, frogs come from tadpoles, and turtles hatch from eggs on beaches. There is much to learn from this brilliant book that balances information with beautiful illustrations perfectly, with the latter catching your eye through the detail on offer throughout the book. Teaching children about nature whilst enjoying a book along the way is definitely a winner, and this book offers that opportunity to all readers, and the quality of its content ensures engrossed audiences, and clever little learners being hatched along the way!

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