Picture Book Perfection (2)

As someone that sees the enjoyment books give children early on in their childhood I love nothing more than to blog about those titles that I have shared, or intend to share, with little ones in my life. Often (in normal non pandemic times) I pick a selection of picture books out from those I stock in the library I work in, to share with reception class children, looking to encourage their enjoyment of books and reading, before sending them off to choose books of their own. The books I read out to the class children often become the most popular titles in that section of my school library, and that comes from the children asking to borrow them being able to relate directly to the content in the books in whatever way is relevant to them. Mission accomplished! The books that feature within these Picture Book Perfection blogs are those titles I offer to teachers to share with their classes remotely, or I read to little ones in my family. Each of these books has made the children laugh, listen intently, and want to hear the books over and over again. Perfect!

Bears don’t wear Shoes! – Sharon Davey

  • Published by New Frontier Publishing
  • RRP – £11.99 (HB)
  • Publishes 1st February

A fun story that tells of how a bit of compromise can be just what is needed in order to make new friends that are otherwise perfect. Accepting that we cannot always tick every box that we are looking for in others makes finding friends so much easier. Suzy’s family move home and everyone is too preoccupied to have any fun with her, so she sets about advertising for a friend to play with. When a bear arrives Suzy is delighted , especially as he enjoys the things she does (eating biscuits being top of the list), all except wearing shoes – which bear wont do. Suzy and bear become great friends when Suzy realises that bear is great for all other aspects of playing together, and that is enough for her. A brilliant way of getting younger audiences to appreciate the things we have in common, and to accept the things that make us different too.

Chicken Come Home! – Polly Faber and Briony May Smith

  • Published by Pavilion
  • RRP – £6.99 (pb)
  • Publishes 4th March

Adventure awaits Dolly the Chicken after she was inside a hot air balloon basket when it took off. Eager to get home, Dolly jumps out of the basket mid flight and proceeds to come across different animals as she longs to make it home. Finally Dolly is in the right place at the right time for the boy who loves her, and whom she associates home with, to find her and the pair head home together. Giggles await readers as they see where Dolly leaves her eggs to be found, and how she comes to be in a hot air balloon basket, and readers will definitely be gripped as they look to see if this incredibly brave chicken can survive the unknown, and make her way safely home. A beautiful story about family, home, and the lengths we go to for the ones we love, and with gorgeous illustrations that bring the beautiful countryside scenes to life on the pages, this is a must read for all little ones.

Meet the Oceans – Caryl Hart, and illustrated by Bethan Woollvin

  • Published by Bloomsbury
  • RRP – £6.99 (pb)
  • Publishes 4th March

Stunning bold colour illustrations await young readers as they set off to explore the oceans across the world. With rhyming verse to resonate a fun vibe throughout, this is a great book to share with children that are interested in ocean life, and can also be used to ignite interest in others as they go on a journey to visit the various oceans we have on earth, and learn of the animals and habitats each has to offer. The book touches on the subject of plastic polluting the oceans and negatively impacting marine life as a consequence, and this is something you cannot be too young to become aware of, particularly as we all need to make an effort. A vibrantly illustrated book that will give an insight into our oceans, and the life that exists within them whilst feeling like a storybook adventure that will be requested time and time again.

Omar and the Bees – Helen Mortimer and Katie Cottle

  • Published by Owlet Press
  • RRP – £7.99 (pb)
  • Publishes 2nd March

A beautifully written story about the importance of looking after bees, and why we need to do so, told via Maisie and Omar, who each has grandads that keep bees, and who advocate helping bees to prosper in their local area. With the support of their teacher the pair and their class deliver bee friendly seeds to local homes and wait to see if they are successfully grown. A fantastic story of teamwork, and dedicating your time to a worthy cause.

I Don’t Like Books. Never. Ever. The End – Emma Perry and Sharon Davey

  • Published by David Fickling Books
  • RRP – £6.99 (pb)
  • Published on 7th January

Mabel doesn’t like books, and refuses to read them, choosing instead to use them for a variety of other reasons around the home. She even eats her dinner off of them! When Molly gets a glimpse of the adventures that await readers inside of the books she has avoided for so long, she becomes more and more curious, and finds herself indulging in one book after another with joy. This is a brilliant way of showing little children what awaits them inside of books they read, and that reading is something they will enjoy immensely, particularly as there are so many journeys and adventures awaiting them.

Dino Love – Michelle Worthington and Veronica Montoya

  • Published by Catch a Star
  • RRP – £6.99 (pb)

Using adorable dinosaurs to engage young readers, Dino Love showcases love in its many forms – big or small, colourful, different places, and through many physical forms, Love cannot be defined in one way, and this book gives so many examples in an engaging and fun way, which is perfect for helping younger children to understand their emotions.

Into the Wild – Robert Vescio and Mel Armstrong

  • Published by New Frontier Publishing
  • RRP – £11.99 (HB)
  • Publishes 2nd March

Roman is a young boy that enjoys wandering around in the wilds around his home, but he always seems to be searching for something more. Then Roman finds what he has been looking for all along, a friend that he can enjoy the wild with. It is when Roman is sharing the experiences that he enjoyed alone that he realises that with the right person with you the experiences are even better. A story about sharing your enjoyment with others, and how that ultimately makes for a better time, this book is perfect for sharing with younger readers that enjoy role play, adventures, and the great outdoors, and with a little encouragement could make friends with like minded children to enjoy it all the more with.

Never Mess with a Pirate Princess – Holly Ryan and Sian Roberts

  • Published by Little Tiger
  • RRP – £11.99 (HB)
  • Publishes 4th March

Rhyming verse gives this story of an incredibly brave young girl a pace to match her adventure. Taking her favourite teddy bear everywhere she goes, the princess wakes up to find her bear has disappeared. Searching high and low does not reunite the two together, so the princess calls upon a brave knight for help, who denies her the opportunity to go with him on the quest to find her precious bear. It is the princess who discovers her bear had been stolen by pirates, who have taken teddies from many other children too, and her bravery sees her getting her bear back, and making the pirates see that what they do is wrong, and the bears they have accumulated are returned to their owners too. In a complete girl power themed picture book, this princess refuses to be seen as a delicate female that cannot possibly be an adventurer, and in doing so she proves everyone wrong, for she is braver then the knight!

Picture Book Perfect (1) can be found here.

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