The Book of Hopes

  • Edited by Katherine Rundell
  • Published by Bloomsbury
  • Sales of this book support NHS Charities Together
  • RRP – £12.99 (HB)

An incredible selection of over one hundred talents from across the world of children’s literature have contributed content to this book, which includes illustrations, poetry and verse, short stories, and extracts from popular children’s books.

Extracts from books that feature in The Book of Hopes are a fantastic way to introduce titles to readers, and gives them insight into amazing books that have recently published, and which they can then go and enjoy. They also offer the chance to taste an authors work, and seek out that author when readers enjoy their style of writing, storytelling, and world creating.

The illustrative content offers visual stimulation and enjoyment, and encourages those children that are put off by the lack of visual stimulation in a book to pick up this book, and enjoy the variety of content it has to offer. Illustrators that feature within The Book of Hopes have such iconic styles that will be instantly recognisable to children, who will delight in being able to see new illustrations from the likes of Lauren Child, Chris Mould, and Axel Scheffler to name but a few.

Hosting a variety of text within this book ensures there is something for everyone within its pages, so it is easy to see why the books tagline is Words and Pictures to Comfort, Inspire and Entertain as it does exactly that. Whether it be a piece from an author or an illustrator, the content on each and every page of this book offers positive vibes to readers, who need it more than ever. Looking down the contents pages you can see how much thought, time, and effort has gone into creating this title, and a realisation as to what an incredible line up there is too.

I decided to look at a selection of children’s authors and illustrators, to see what content they had offered up for this book. Chris Mould features in the form of an illustrated Emily Dickinson poem, and I love how it brings the poem to life, how full of details the illustrations are, and how much you are instantly recalling other hope filled books such as those of the Truth Pixie titles Chris collaborated on with Matt Haig. Lisa Thompson writes The Ballad of Felicity Crow, which is a short punchy story about a talented young female that lacks confidence around others, but it grows as she does, and concludes with her being determined to be successful and noticed. An extract from Everdark is provided by Abi Elphinstone, and it is filled with hope, passion, and emotion, as it details a heart warming encounter between characters Smudge and Bartholomew, and echoes the message of believing in yourself.

Whether at home or in school, this book is worthy of being offered to children to offer them an incredible selection of content that will leave them feeling inspired encouraged. It would be a fantastic title to read extracts from in school assemblies, or during class reading time, and the content is perfect for bedtime reading too. Confident readers can be sure that they will come away with authors and illustrators to further indulge in, and no doubt build their reading knowledge too. There is no doubt that this book is needed even more now then ever, and will be cherished for years to come.

The Book of Hopes was published by Bloomsbury on 1st October 2020.

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