The Four Treasures

– The Stone of Density 

– The Sword of Light

– The Cauldron of Life

– The Spear of Truth

  • Written by Caroline Logan
  • Published by Cranachan Publishing 

When I received the first three books in the series I felt so honoured, and I couldn’t wait to start to read the first one. By about page 8 I was completely hooked, while reading that first chapter I already had two questions: first what was a changeling and what was a kelpie, I was confused because I had no idea so before I went any further I had to Google them. The answer completely blew my mind.

I was so impressed by what I had discovered that I knew I had to read on. And I read on and by chapter 3 I really struggled to leave the book alone. For a while the story concentrated on three characters, Ailsa ( the changeling) brother and sister Harris and Iona( kelpies )and we witnessed the start of a friendship  between them. Soon another main character Angus (a human Prince ) enters the friendship group. But there’s trouble and the new friends must work together, so now we have Alisa, Harris and Angus setting off on a quest to bring the stone of density back for the king.

This part of the book is one of the best sections of books ever written, the dialogue between the characters is absolutely fantastic, it’s natural and funny to read, the chemistry between Angus and Alisa is one of the best I’ve ever read. As a reader you can see a relationship a bit like a brother and sister develop. The characters bounced really well off each other, and when you added the chemistry with Harris it made for some wonderful reading. 

By the second book the characters end up splitting up. Alisa has managed to get caught by Maalik, a former angel but now a demon, but not a bad demon, due to some magic she is unable to leave his side without being forced back. As they spend time together they learn things about each other and as time goes on Alisa will do anything for him. 

He is the next main character, and what a character, he is the ideal male, whenever I read a section of a book with him I’d find myself looking at my husband and wishing…

Of course there are other characters in these books who all play their part and the books wouldn’t be the same without them. We have Cameron who has a link to both Alisa and Angus, we have the king, Angus’ brother who has an interesting time.

 When I finished the third book I was so invested in all the characters that I know exactly what I wanted to happen next, I know where I wanted Caroline to take them and knowing the spear of truth was going to be the last outing for these friends I know I had a really long wait, I follow Caroline on twitter and every time she tweeted I was pleased to see the word count go up. There were so many loose ends that needed tidying up. Would Alisa get her happy ever after, would the friends stay together, and would Harris ever settle down. What did the future hold for Angus, who I have to admit became my favourite character. 

I was so delighted when the spear of truth finally arrived, and how beautiful all 4 books look together. I couldn’t wait to dive in and re-join my friends. And boy wasn’t it worth the wait, the characters are completely different to how they were in book one, it is like they had grown up, and  were happy with themselves, Maalik was still wonderful. I had everything crossed that Alisa and him would be happy. 

I tried to limit how much book I’d read a day, not wanting the book to end, but needing to know how their adventure ends. I started to feel sad as I neared the end of the book, but I was so gripped that I couldn’t put it down. I kept reminding myself it would be OK as I owned all four of the books and I could revisit whenever I wanted, but I also knew the end was coming for these friends. 

So, was l happy with the ending? Of course, I was, Caroline has put a lot of thought and care into these lives and she has done justice for them.

I really truly adore this series and when someone asks about my favourite book then I tell them about this series because they will always be my favourite series of books.

So now I want to talk about the amazing Caroline Logan, she is truly an amazing person and if you don’t follow her on twitter then you really should. I know she has put her heart and soul into these books, and I believe she deserves so much more credit than she gets, her books need to be read by more people, so please give the four treasure series a try I can guarantee you will be hooked.

But I’m not saying goodbye to these characters, I’m now starting to re-read all four books in order one after another, and I plan to visit them often. 

So please if you want to borrow a book from a library or you want to treat yourself to a new book please give Caroline a chance, you won’t be sorry.


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