Brilliant Board Books – October 2022

Mind Your Manners, Dinosaurs!

  • Written by Danielle McLean
  • Illustrated by Gareth Williams
  • Published by Little Tiger

Dinosaurs are hugely popular with little ones, just like both my sons when they were little, and the prehistoric animals bring so much joy to children of all ages, so what better way to encourage correct behaviour from little ones at mealtimes then to combine examples of just that with dinosaurs too!

With flaps for little ones to interact with, which reveal an action each of the five dinosaur characters complete in order to be ready for dinner, there is so much fun to be had with this adorable board book. There are brightly coloured bold illustrations depicting fun play scenes, as one by one the dinosaurs arrive at the dinner table, and young children will recognise items that feature like the sandpit or the slide, and the pages feature cut outs that enable little ones to see the dinosaurs go from play to dinner. All these design aspects make this such a hit with little ones, just like my nephew who hasn’t wanted to put this book down since we first shared it together.

Home – Where Our Story Begins

  • Written by Patricia Hegarty
  • Illustrated by Britta Teckentrup
  • Published by Little Tiger

From the very first rhyming sentence within this book I was utterly smitten! The words are some of the most beautiful I have had the pleasure of reading in a board book, and they really resonate with readers and young audiences alike as they depict the habitats of a variety of awesome animals, and describe how their homes are built by them too. We are introduced to each of the animals and their different homes through accompanying a Bear cub as they go exploring far and wide, and the incredible detailing that has gone into every sentence is reflected in the stunning illustrations adorning each page, which also offer plenty for little ones to see and discover.

When I picked up this book and read it I got an overwhelming cosy feeling, and fell in love with the heart warming scenes that are beautifully illustrated throughout, with the gorgeous depiction of the animals and the natural world. The book inspires you to want to look out for animals in their habitats amongst your own surroundings, and also encourages you to preserve the animal kingdom for generations to come too. I love the rhyming sentences giving the book a lyrical feel, and I hope there are many more books to accompany this one to come too.

Peekaboo Pumpkin

  • Written by Camilla Reid
  • Illustrated by Ingela P Arrhenius
  • Published by Nosy Crow

This board book is perfect for Halloween, and features lots of spooks for little ones to discover via the sliders that feature throughout the book, with a variety of things to find that they will recognise just as much as seeing something new for the first time. The book features bold illustrations depicting that which is being referenced in the text, with each phrase beginning with ‘Peekaboo’, and this repetition excites little ones as they realise something else is about to be revealed, and it all concludes with a mirror to reflect little ones in, and incorporates them into the book too.

There are many other titles in this series, and I have loved sharing many of them with little ones in my family, and to have a Halloween themed one to add to their collection is absolutely fantastic because pumpkins are everywhere this month so to have a way of including little ones in the celebrations makes it a complete family occasion, and all the more special too. I shared this with some of the special little ones in my family and they thoroughly enjoyed discovering the ghost that is hiding, and the toad, and especially the skeleton, and the fun they have had with the characters in this book that are hiding, and waiting to be found, means they will be more likely to enjoy spotting those characters in other scenarios too, which is invaluable when taking little ones along to parties and to trick or treat too!

Look, it’s Woof Woof Dog

  • Written by Camilla Reid
  • Illustrated by Clare Youngs
  • Published by Nosy Crow

This book features a lovely little selection of animals, and details the sound each of them makes. There is a rabbit, a fish, a duck and a dog to learn about, and they have a felt flap beside each of them that uncovers another smaller creature for little ones to enjoy finding too. I love the foil detailing that has been added to the illustrations throughout as it makes them feel even more special, and adds to the sensory aspects this book has to offer alongside the felt flaps, the mirror that features at the end of the book, and the sounds you read aloud for each of the featured animals, all of which captivate younger children from the get go.

The illustrations are stunning to look at, and you find yourself noticing different detailed patterns and design features each time you go through the book, and I love the style of the illustrations in this book as they remind me of felt animals little ones would make at school and bring home with pride at their accomplishments, and patchwork quilts came to mind too – both thought processes leaving me with a warm cosy glow.

Look, it’s Twit Twoo Owl

This book is the perfect companion to the one above, and I really hope it signifies more of these books to come, with this one featuring a mouse, a frog, a squirrel, and an owl. The design aspects are as referenced above, and it is brilliant to see a selection of animals that little ones can often find in their local area, with this book inspiring you to pull on your raincoat and brave the autumn weather in search of any of the featuring animals from both of these books. I loved seeing the smiles that grew on little ones faces when they heard me sounding out noises each of these animals made, and I again fell in love with the gorgeous illustrative content.


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