The Shadow Order

  • Written by Rebecca F John
  • Published by Firefly Press

A country where rich people live in luxury, they are comfortable, living in fancy buildings, making more money everyday. The other part of the country are the poor people, getting poorer everyday. They are ill, old and hungry.

The corrupt Prime Minister hides away from his people, he refuses to meet with anyone while the government passes more and more draconian laws putting a stop to more and more of the peoples funeral.

The shadows have shifted, and people are only allowed out after dark. Welcome to Copperwell.

Three teenager friends decide to risk everything and watch the winter sun rise.

This is a thrilling MG adventure, featuring three amazing protagonists, who find their talents in life and the courage and freedom to find their true selves.

With Covid lockdowns and isolation still fresh in our minds we are able to relate to these characters who are restricted to what they can do.

This book will make you think of what we would do. We are lucky that in this country we have people who stand up to the lawmakers and challenge their decisions but it makes you think about what it would be like if we didn’t.

Exclusive content from Author Rebecca F John

The Elm Gardens

Before the Shadow Order was passed, the Elm Gardens were filled day and night with children who played on the helter skelters or the whirligigs, with parents who ate roasted nuts from the stalls and chattered over steaming cups of cocoa, with young couples riding bicycles beneath the elm branches, and bounding dogs, and horses trained to dance to brass bands. Often, Teddy – full name, Theodore James – and his father would steer their cab horse Jim through the Gardens to collect fares, and Teddy would inhale the smells of hot pies and sugared apples. When they worked into the night, Edward would buy them both a treat, and they would sit on the lamplit bandstand to eat them and tell stories about the people they could see. It is one of Teddy’s favourite memories.

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