A World for Me and You – Where Everyone is Welcome

I love a picture book that promotes inclusivity because it reaches children at an early age with such an important message at its core, and A World for Me and You is the perfect example of just this.

This beautiful book gets children to think about how different our world would look in various scenarios, and gets us to appreciate the way that our world actually is, with all the vibrant colours, and unique features. Those are true of people which the book also discusses because the book is ultimately trying to get people to be inclusive of one another. This way of getting readers to consider alternatives before reflecting on what actually exists here on earth is a great way of getting us to truly appreciate everything because the other scenarios the book offers would ultimately be boring, dull, indifferent, and nothing would stand out as special. Instead we get to focus on how difference across the globe, whether in regards to people, food, places, or languages, are what makes our experiences in life so memorable, significant, special and worthwhile.

The illustrations within this book do a fabulous job of portraying the contrasting scenarios being referenced in the text, with monotone images for the lesser of the options being discussed, and vibrant, colourful images for the more special of them. I love the way the features that make us unique as humans is depicted in the illustrations, whilst all the time being inclusive of one another via the scenes in the text such as get togethers and gatherings.

Another nice feature of this book is the bitesize facts that feature throughout, with each being relevant to the topic being referenced within the text. It not only grabs your attention as a neat little feature but it allows you to learn something factual along the way which I like a lot.

Everyone really is welcome in this book, and I know it will be an incredibly popular title as a gift, or a library book, or a class read, and it makes my heart happy knowing that this book will get into many hands in many locations.

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