Black Night Falling

Today sees the publication of the explosive finale to the The Circle trilogy, written by award winning author Teri Terry. Readers can anticipate a dystopian adventure with a thrilling vibe throughout, and central to the entire plot (and series) is the environment. We join three teens – Tabby, Hayden and Denzi – as they fight to save the natural world from destruction. It is a gripping read that will have teen readers on the edge of their seats as the conclusion to this must read series unfolds before them.

There’s nothing I like more than a series of books, you get to know
the characters and you invest your time and energy in them. You
understand what makes them tick, and when you come to a
particular scene in the book you have an idea how the character
will react.
Also finding a new series is always amazing. So when I discovered
this series I was pretty happy. Now with a series you need to start
with book one, and ideally read them in order, and this is true with this
trilogy. The only problem with a trilogy is that you enjoy it so much
and you know its coming to an end when the finale is published.
This book is an explosive finale to this series which follows three
teenagers and they have the fate of the natural world in their
hands. The characters are amazing and they all work well together.
The story line is the best out of the trilogy. You are made to believe
that you are actually part of the story. You feel everything the
characters do. And you miss the characters when they are no longer
part of your life
The book is fast paced and action packed thought-out the book.
What I personally like about these books are the length of them,
there’s nothing nicer than a long book. I know there are some
people who prefer shorter books , but I feel you get into the book
better if its a long one.

Be sure to check out the other stops on the Black Night Falling blog tour via information on the banner below, and get your hands on this unmissable trilogy, which is available to purchase from all good booksellers.

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