Early Chapter titles to Enjoy this Summer

Indigo Wilde and the creatures of Jellybean Crescent

  • Written and Illustrated by Pippa Curnick
  • Published by Hachette

I was so looking forward to reading this and when I got my hands on it I decided to have it for a bedtime story with my children.

The first thing you notice is how bright and colourful the cover is. To me it says pick me up and read me.

Imagine a normal grey boring street, every house looks the same and nothing happens. Well this is exactly where Indigo Wilde lives with her parents and brother, but this house is different, this house is much bigger than the rest , it’s also orange, pink, blue and green.

Inside it’s not your average house, inside there live weird and wonderful animals and plants, trolls and goblins. You see Indigo parents aren’t your average parents either. Her parents are world famous explorers. And they aren’t always at home. The house has become a sanctuary for the weird and wonderful.

Unfortunately the latest creature is causing chaos. 

This is a wonderful book, when I opened the book up , I was surprised to see the illustrations are in colour.

Pippa has drawn the most amazing pictures and the double  page pictures are out of this world.

I am looking forward very much to my next visit to Jellybean Crescent

Princess Minna, The Enchanted Forest

Princess Minna, The Unicorn mix-up

  • Written by Kirsty Applebaum 
  • Illustrations by Sahar Haghgoo
  • Published by Nosy Crow

When a child has the right reading skills and they can manage slightly longer books early chapter books are ideal. They have short chapters, bigger writing and still with pictures.

One of my favourite authors Kirsty Applebaum has released a new series of books. 

Princess Minna is a princess who would rather kiss a frog rather than a prince, she rather like solving problems  and has a dragon as a best friend. 

This is a fun series of books with lots of laugh out loud moments and funny puns.

It is a modern series with a cast of diverse characters.

Sherlock Bones and the case of the Crown Jewels

  • Written by Tim Collins
  • Illustrations by John Bigwood
  • Published by Buster Books

Sherlock Bones and Dr Jane Catson are world famous for crime solving.

During each case Catson will write down everything that happens so we can follow there adventures.  

In this case the Queens jewels have been stolen from Kennel Palace, and its up to Bones and Catson to find the culprit before the trail goes cold. Set in Barker Street the friends must work hard to return the jewels to the Queen. 

With a cast of great characters including Inspector Bloodhound, Molly Ruffington and the police pugs there is something for everyone. This is a action packed fun adventure that is written at a nice pace for younger children. 

Of course you would have worked out that this is a play on Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson with of course our main characters a dog and cat. This Is a great way to introduce younger children to Holmes and Watson, and its written in a way that they will understand what is happening. 

The illustrations are full of details. 

What I like best about is there are over 30 puzzles for children to do, there are mazes, number puzzles and search and find puzzles to do. These were extremely fun to do. I was glad that the answers were at the back as I couldn’t do them all but them I’m told I do need my eyes testing.

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