Nourish your Mind with some incredible Non-Fiction

World of Food – A delicious discovery of what to eat

  • Written by Sandra Lawrence
  • Illustrated by Violeta Noy
  • Published by Templar

This book is absolutely jam packed with everything you could want to know about food, and does so in bite sized chunks of information, with plenty of illustrative content to compliment. There are more than 100 dishes that feature inside, and cuisine from all around the world is explored, including foods from a long time ago, even if it isn’t food we would want to eat today.

That is the beauty of this book, which is the first in a new series, because it not only relates the content to that which children are familiar with, but it also explores things they are not, and in doing so it makes the content engaging, and ensures children enjoy reading this book.

It’s Up to Us – A Children’s Terra Carta for Nature, People, and Planet

  • Written by Christopher Lloyd
  • Illustrated by 33 artists from around the world
  • Features a foreward by HRH The Prince of Wales

Prince Charles has long been known to speak up for the animal world, and climate change, so when seeing his book on the front of this book you know that the content is going to be authentic, credible, and inspiring for the next generation to immerse themselves in. That the book is illustrated by a whopping 33 artists from all over the world is another feather in this books cap, so to speak, because that shows further authenticity, and that the book will offer a variety of content to those exploring the pages inside.

The book is separated into four sections – Nature, People, Planet, and Terra Carta. The book links one thing to the next, and on to the next section, always explaining to readers the relevance of that which is being referenced – such as microbes being found between your toes – and in turn the three section of Nature, People, and Planet come together to become the context for why the Terra Carta was created by Prince Charles in the first place. We learn that the Terra Carta is ‘a plan of action for the Earth’, and then explores ways in which we can help to protect the planet we call home, and all of nature that inhabit it, whether human or animal, and whilst the sentences in this book are relatively short, they are definitely powerful.

The illustrations are what grabs your attention with each page you turn, because they are so varied and vibrant, earth toned and offering depth. Each offers an insight into that which is being referenced by text, and does so in a way that feels so immersive. I loved spending time just staring at the depicted scenes as they unfold on the page, and am completely in awe of the talent being celebrated in this collection of illustrative styles.

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