2022 Middle Grade Must Reads – February (Part Two)

The Soul Hunters

  • Written by Chris Bradford 
  • Published by Puffin

When I picked this up from the local library I was so excited to read this, it sounded so action packed and right up my street. 

I was hooked as soon as I started it, I needed to know what was so special about Genna, and why were there people after her.

Who was that young lad, and what was his relationship to Genna.

Well I had the answers by about a quarter of the way through and I was amazed, I’d never read anything like this before. 

The plot is fast paced with non stop action. As the adventure continues you find yourself rooting for Genna and Phoenix hoping that they can remain safe.

This is the first title in a brand new series, and I eagerly await the next instalment.

Gracie Fairshaw and the Trouble at the Tower

  • Written by Susan Brownrigg
  • Published by UClan publishing

 Gracie is delighted to be given a sneak preview of a ballet spectacular, but incidents involving the dancers soon start happening. It seems as if someone is trying to ruin the show.

Luckily Gracie and her friends are on the case and they’ll do everything they can to solve the mystery. 

This is a delightful story, full of friendship, and adventure.

Yesterday Crumb and the Storm in the Teacup

  • Written by Andy Sagar
  • Published by Orion

This book is my favourite of 2022, it’s amazing. 

Yesterday Crumb was at a circus attraction, and she spent all day in a cage while people stared at her.

One day a talking raven Madrigal sets her free, and takes her to a magical teashop. There under the guidance of Miss Dumpling she discovers that she’s a strangeling – a magical creature that has been around humans for too long and lost her magic.

We go on a gripping adventure as Yesterday learns magical spells and works with Jack and Madrigal to defeat the evil Mr Weep.

Like me, you will be willing the trio on as they face problem after problem. You will have your fingers crossed as Yesterday tries a new spell, willing her to get it right. 

You will be amazed at the teashop, you will be delighted when it walks to wherever you want it to go, on pink flamingo legs. Like me you will want this book to never end, but unfortunately it does, but with a promise of a second book.

Andy Sagar has produced a stunning middle grade book, it will require something out of this world to knock this off my favourite book of the year spot.


  • Written by Katya Balen
  • Illustrations by Angela Harding
  • Published by Bloomsbury

This is a beautiful story, we meet October who lives in the woods with her dad, her mum didn’t like living there so they split up. They have a interesting lifestyle, they grow there own food and live as wild as can.

October is hand rearing a baby owl, when on her 11th birthday her dad falls out of a tree, suddenly she finds herself living with a mum she hardly knows. 

We see her struggle to connect with her mum, having to hand her owl over to a wildlife rescue centre,  and go to school for the first time. 

You find yourself in October’s shoes as she tries to fit in.

This is a truly remarkable story.

Danger at Dead Man’s Pass

  • Written by MG Leonard and Sam Sedgman
  • Published by MacMillan Books

Here at BookBound we adore The Adventures on Trains series. We always look forward to another adventure 

You can easy image being a passenger on the trains, and you are able to visit different countries without leaving your house 

I do believe these books should be read in order, as the adventures follow each other. 

In this book amateur detective Hal and his Uncle Nat are investigating a mystery for one of Nat’s friends. I felt that in this book Hal started to grow up more as the Story unfolded. What I like best is that every story is different and every story takes us somewhere new.

Long may it continue. 

Sleepover Takeover

  • Written by Simon James Green
  • Illustrations by Aleksei Bitskoft
  • Published by Scholastic

Every kid remembers their first sleep over. Well most kids remember Otis is on his first sleepover, he thinks it was a good night problem is no one can remember what happened. 

When they wake up they find utter carnage, a donkey drinking at a chocolate fountain,  children with tattoos, but no one remember anything. 

This book is full of laughter and unforgettable moments.

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