Snowy White – The perfect title to share on Tell a Fairy Tale day

Gareth P. Jones – credit David Boni

This Tell a Fairy tale day you will definitely want to get your hands on a copy of Snowy White, which is written by the incredible Gareth P. Jones, and stunningly illustrated by Loretta Schauer. This newly published picture book is a modern retelling of the timelessly classic fairy tale Snow White, and features a cast of Cats and Mice as its characters. What more could you want in a picture book to share with little ones? This story will have audiences hooked as they hear about Kingsley, a Cat that asks his “crystal ball” who is the finest cat of all, and becomes concerned when the response becomes that of the newest arrival in the area, Snowy White, and no longer himself. Kingsley has some work to do, he needs to get Snowy White to leave.

Loretta Schauer

Whilst Kingsley is busy trying to persuade the fluffy, cute new Cat to leave he inadvertently leads Snowy to cross paths with the Mice that also live down the lane, and she comes to understand each of their roles in cleaning the mess that Kingsley and his pals are creating, and much like the dwarves in the original Snow White story these Mice each have different tasks they do, and different appearances that make them unique to one another. They are the most adorable Mice I think I have ever seen in a picture book.

Kingsley continues to ask ‘who is the finest Cat of all?’ to his crystal ball, which by the way is actually a goldfish in a fish bowl!, and the answer continues to be that of Snowy White, and this confuses Kingsley because Snowy has been busy cleaning and clearing up the lane with the Mice, and is subsequently dirty, and it is then that Kingsley learns that true beauty is on the inside. Snowy has been kind and considerate since her arrival in the lane, and was willing to help the clean up effort with being asked, and it is those characteristics that mean she is definitely the finest of all the Cats in the lane, something Kingsley now understands, and makes the right decision in joining in the effort to help in the cleaning efforts, and most importantly changes his outlook going forward.

This picture book has a powerful message behind the fun story that it tells, and it is one that is definitely hugely relevant as we all look to take any and all steps to help our planet, the environment, and those around us. There are also the Rabunzel and Cindergorilla picture books written by Gareth, and illustrated by Loretta, which I highly recommend, not least because these two make a brilliant team to look out for if you are looking for a fun, enjoyable fairy tale retelling in picture book form that children will adore, and want to hear over and over, and with relevant lessons to learn along the way.

Be sure to check out the six activity sheets we have exclusively been given to share with you today, which you can view and download below, and then print off for your little ones to enjoy. There is a maze to complete, a kindness themed activity, a Cat mask to decorate and wear, a Spot the Difference, and even some puppets of the characters from the book that can be cut out and played with. Phew! There is definitely plenty to keep children busy, and they can enjoy using them to interact with the story as it is being read too (with the puppets). I know I will definitely be enjoying these with little ones myself, and can see my older children looking to join in too!

Be sure to check out the other stops on the Tell a Fairy Tale tour that the lovely people at Farshore have organised, you can find information on the banner below. I hope you all enjoy telling a fairy tale today, and make some incredible memories along the way.

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