Graffeg Picture Books


Graffeg publish some really good picture books, here is a selection of some of my favourites. 

 Lo and Behold! Mouse & Mole

  • Written by Joyce Dunbar
  • Illustrations by James Mayhew

This is a wonderful series of books about 2 friends mouse and mole.

In this book Christmas is coming but mole feels it is taking to long. 

So like many children around the world he decides to open all the doors on the advent calendar hoping it will make Christmas come earlier. Many parents will identify with this. A warm hearted story with beautiful illustrations by the amazing James Mayhew. 

Albert in the Wind

  • Written by Ian Brown
  • Illustrations by Eoin Clarke

We all have bad days, and Albert is no different, his sleep is disturbed, his meal blows away but lucky Albert has friends who help him out. But will Albert be able to thank them properly. 

Packed with fascinating facts on tortoises this will be a family favourite. 

Rita wants a Witch 

  • Written by Maire Zepf
  • Illustrations by Mr Ando

Part of the Rita series this is ideal for all Halloween lovers.

Rita has big ideas, and her idea is to get a witch.

A witch would never make her do boring things like homework, instead there would be fun things to do as flying. But then maybe things aren’t as good as she thinks. 

This has amazing illustrations that are big and colourful. 

Rita wants a Robot

I love Rita and I really enjoy her series of books. 

My children’s bedrooms are always messy and like Rita they could do with a robot to help clean up.

I love the Illustrations in this book, they are so full of details and when you look at them there are so many things to look at.

Molly and the Shipwreck 

  • Written by Malachy Doyle
  • Illustrations by Andrew Whitson

When you watch the news we often hear about people desperately trying to reach this country on boats looking for a better life.

In this book Molly and her dad rescue people from an old boat, they give them food and shelter.

This is a beautiful story that will help young children understand the world around them, it will encourage them to find a place in there hearts for people in need.


I absolutely love the opportunity to get a picture book from Graffeg because they are always stunningly illustrated, and have the most brilliant storylines.

Fletcher and the Rainbow

  • Written by Julia Rawlinson
  • Illustrations by Tiphanie Beeke

This is a beautiful picture book, in both text and illustrations. It tells of how Fletcher is eager to capture a rainbow before it disappears, all because he wants to capture the stunning selection of colours the rainbow has to offer. As he rushes through the woods, looking for the end of the rainbow, he is completely unaware that all those stunning colours he has in mind are right there in front of him, through the variety of fruits and flowers that nature has provided all around him. It then dawns on Fletcher that whilst the rainbow disappeared the colours are there, all around him, and he utilises all the stunning colours nature provides to make his own rainbow on the floor of the woods, for him and all the his animal friends to enjoy.

The very end illustration features beautiful gold detailing to the rainbow Fletcher has created, and will dazzle little ones as they enjoy tracing the colourful arch, and learning the colours along the way as Fletcher chooses them to feature in his nature themed rainbow, and the stunning illustrations throughout will transport readers into the woods alongside Fletcher, and his friends, for an unforgettable adventure.

Rita wants a Ninja

  • Written by Maire Zepf
  • Illustrated by Mr.Ando

When playing hide and seek with her little sister Rita decides she wants to be better at it by behaving the way that a ninja would, and as such she needs to be trained in the way of a ninja. But Rita soon realises that a ninja isn’t just great at sneaking and hiding, a ninja would have to fight and defend those things that matter most to them, and Rita isn’t willing to lose her sister to any bad ninjas, so she decides that actually she really doesn’t want a ninja after all! The illustrations really do compliment the text in this book perfectly in that they represent the story beautifully. Readers will love trying to spot Rita, and her sister, on the pages as the adventure develops, and will delight at seeing Rita behaving in stereotypical ninja ways, and her little sister hunting for her along the way. I utterly love the overall vibe of this book, and would absolutely share this book time and time again with little ones, and know that they would enjoy it each time too.

Rita wants a Fairy Godmother

When Rita is being chased by her mum to get dressed she decides that she needs a fairy godmother because then she wouldn’t have to get herself dressed, and instead she could have it all done for her. But then Rita starts to consider that having a fairy godmother may mean she isn’t wearing clothes appropriate for playing in, and will look to fancy, or that her footwear won’t be suitable for the activities she is doing. As such Rita decides that having a fairy godmother may not be as brilliant as she first thought.

This is another brilliant story that takes a concept and gives the other perspective on it, just like with Rita wants a Ninja. Some children will already be familiar with a fairy godmother before hearing this story, and those that aren’t will certainly get an understanding of what one is, and then to consider the downsides to having choices and actions made for you is an interesting twist to this tale, and with hilarious consequences too!

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