Amazing Animals – 100+ Creatures that will Boggle your Mind

  • Written by Sabrina Weiss
  • Illustrations by Paul Daviz
  • Published by What on Earth Books

Animals are found in nearly every part of the world. They can be found in rainforest, deserts and snowy mountains. On land, in sea and in the air. 

As the climate and their habits change animals have learnt to adapt. They live in places where they can bring up their families and where they can find food. There are still animals that haven’t been discovered yet.

Animals can go weeks, months and even years without food or water. An Alpine Swift can fly for 6 months without landing. A Kangaroo Rat (yes I hadn’t heard of one either) lives in the desert of North America and gets all its fluid from eating seeds.

We all know humans change shape during their lifespan but did you know that animals did too, some animals go through remarkable changes too and some animals can change their sex. An example of this is a clownfish, the female is the largest fish when she dies the most dominant male turns into a female and forms a new couple with the next dominant male, interesting isn’t it. 

My children love leaf cutting ants, at the zoo they spend ages watching them, in this book there is a beautiful double page spread showing how leaf cutting ants work, it’s so detailed and my children learnt a lot. 

The illustrations are so beautiful, they are so detailed. 

Any child that is given this book would be extremely lucky. 

For more reviews and insight into Amazing Animals be sure to check out the rest of the blog tour, information for which can be found on the banner below.

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