2022 Middle Grade Must Reads – February (Part One)

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Escape Room

  • Written by Christopher Edge
  • Publishes on 3rd February by Nosy Crow

Well what can I say, there was so much talk on twitter about ghost book, I had to get myself a copy. 

By the beginning of chapter 2 I desperately wanted a go in the Escape room, I loved the idea of using my brain to solve the clues to escape, by the time I was half way through I was glad it was a story and I wasn’t really there.

It was fast paced and there was non stop action, I found it difficult to put the book down,  I needed to know what happened next. As I approached the last chapter I couldn’t work out how this was going to end, and when I got there I couldn’t believe the massive twist, I never saw that coming. 

This is the best book Christopher Edge has written, he grabs hold of you and won’t let you go. He has you guessing the whole way through then completely surprises you.

Loki, A Bad God’s Guide to being Good

  • Written and illustrated by Louis Stowell
  • Publishes on 3rd February by Walker Books

I love Louie Stowell books, her dragon in the library series is one of my favourites, and Otherland was one of my favourites of 2021, so I was eager to read this. And I wasn’t disappointed. Loki has been banished to live on earth as an 11 year old boy. We follow Loki as he experiences a few highs and many, many lows as he tries to get home.

Illustrated through out the book, this will have you laughing out loud.

The Accidental Diary of B.U.G..Basically Famous

  • Written by Jen Carney
  • Published by Puffin on 19th August 2021

I adored The accidental diary of B.UG. it was funny, and fresh. So I was delighted when I heard there was a second book.

I settled down on a murky winter afternoon with a hot chocolate and the book. 

By the time I had to cook my children’s tea I was half way through it, my children kept asking why I had this silly grin on my face so I found myself reading parts out loud to them. 

Written as a doodle diary, this comes from B.U.G (Billies) point of view, and we see the world as she does. This book is so modern and deals with issues some children deal with on a daily basis. She is adopted and lives with her married two mum’s and there about to adopt another child. There are funny lists, and a lot of misunderstandings. There is also a lot about biscuits! For the record I like shortbread. One of my favourite parts is when she sniffs jumpers to see who they belong to. This is definitely a fantastic choice for fans of Diary of a Wimpy kid or Tom Gates books. I finished the book soon after tea, I was disappointed to finish but I’ve seen the latest title Sister Act publishes tomorrow – 3rd February – so I very much look forward to reading that too.

The Ship of Cloud and Stars

  • Written by Amy Raphael
  • Published by Orion on 20th January 2022

Imagine a time where women were second class citizens,  where they are meant to look after the men, sew, cook and clean.

A time when if a woman wanted to go to sea, they would have to dress as a man, it’s hard to believe that things like this happened. 

Well for Nico this is her life looking after her dad and brothers, she longs to be like her aunt( who is in charge of a ship, but dressed as a man)

She has a love of fossils and seeds and all she wants is to study them.

This book will open your eyes to how lucky we are now and why we should take every opportunity that comes our way.

  • Check out author Amy Raphael’s blog tour feature ‘Evoking the past in my middle-grade novels’ here.

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