The Graphic Novel Experience

So I will admit I’d never read a graphic novel until recently when I decided to dive head first into the titles available in this genre. In this blog I share three of the titles I enjoyed, all of which are published by the fabulous David Fickling Books.

Georgia and the edge of the World

  • Written by Robin Boyden
  • Published by David Fickling Books

Georgia would love an adventure, but she’s never been allowed. 

But when a bottle washes up on the beach, her whole life changes. 

This is a fast action packed book

The pictures are amazing, bright and colourful. 

Bunny Vs Monkey

  • Written by Jamie Smart

Bunny and his friends live peacefully  in the forest until monkeys rocket crash lands in the forest and tries to take over.

 Full of mischief, fun and laughter this is a great book for those new to graphic novels. 

Bunny Vs Monkey and the League of Doom (Bk 3)

  • Written by Jamie Smart

With monkey still trying to take over, life in the forest is anything but quiet. 

The friends must work together to try and bring peace to the forest. 

Another fantastic book in the series.

I have enjoyed my first adventure into graphic novels and look forward to reading many more. I would highly recommend trying this genre of book, and can appreciate all of the incredible effort that goes into creating these for children of all ages to enjoy. Visual based learners would definitely enjoy the reading experience that graphic novels offer, and reluctant readers would too.

By Helen Byles. 

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