More Middle Grade Magic

The secret detective

  • Written by Ella Risbridger.
  • Published by Nosy Crow. 

Isobel Petty has been orphaned, she has to leave India and travel by boat to live in England with an uncle she’s never met.

Aboard the boat she witnesses a man being thrown overboard  or did she?

She drags two new reluctant friends to help her  solve the mystery. 

This is an excellent book, its a great mystery book which children will love especially as the detectives are children.

A copy will definitely be heading to my school library. 

The Nightsilver Promise

  • Written by Annaliese Avery.
  • Published by Scholastic

Paisley and her brother Dax are on a mission to find their mum, police have told them that she’s dead but Paisley doesn’t believe them. Paisley must also protect her brother,  he has the dragon touch and would be in danger if he falls into the wrong hands.

Joined by their mum’s faithful friend Corbert there are in a race against time to unlock  the precious metal nightsilver. 

But the others aren’t far behind them.

This was a great book, the plot was action packed from the beginning,  and you know you’ve enjoyed it when it ends on a cliff hanger and you know you have to wait for the next one, and you’re gutted. 


  • Written by Ross Mackenzie. 
  • Published by Andersen Press

Lara is a ‘tosher’, a person who hunts treasure in the sewers then sells it on. She prefers to keep herself to herself. 

But all around her magic is on the move, and she accidentally becomes involved. 

She embarks on a adventure that will take her away from the sewers forever.

Feast of the Evernight

We re-join Lara and Joe, as time has moved on things have changed,  but the threat from evil is still present . We join new friends and old as they battle to overcome the evil Mrs Hester. But for one friend they decide that they want their old life back. 

This is a fantastic series of books, the books are action packed and fast paced and full of adventure. This series has everything’s I need in a book, I sincerely hope that there will be more of this series. 

By Helen Byles

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