Even More Middle Grade Magic

The Ash House

  • Written by Angharad Walker. 
  • Publishing on 2nd September
  • Published by Chicken House.

A young lad is left at the door of what he thinks is an summer camp, somewhere where he can rest to get over an illness 

So he’s surprised when he discoverers no adults,  they don’t know he’s coming and all the children have niceness names.

As he settles in he discovers some dark secrets. 

This book is amazing, in fact I’d say one of my favourites this year, the author gets you hooked, leaving you wanting more, I’m now desperate for a sequel. 

Emily Lime librarian detective, The pencil case

  • Written by Dave Shelton 
  • Published by David Fickling Books on 3rd June

It’s another term at St Rita, the school for spirited girls, Daphne, George and Emily are back looking after the library. 

But there’s another mystery for them to solve, who’s stolen the painting and why?

It’s up to Emily and friends to save the day, that is if Emily can get her nose out of a book long enough. 

Another great book in the series, some new characters to meet, and some old favourites to revisit. 

Bin boy

  • Written by Tom Vaughan. 
  • Illustrated by Emma McCann.
  • Publishing by Scholastic on 8th July

Ten year old Billy dislikes his step dad, he hates the way his mum loves him, and feels as if he’s trying to take the place of his dad.

His best friend Viv is convinced that Phil is an evil super villian trying to take over the world,  together with the help of Connie they decide to follow him and if it turns out that he is a villian then they plan to stop him.

This is a fantastic book, it’s full of great ideas to use if you do find a relative happens to be a evil mastermind, but it also focuses on blended families  and all the issues that come with them.

A copy will be winging its way to my school library.  

The house in the woods 

  • Written by Yvette Fielding. 
  • Publishing by Andersen press on 30th September (cover to be revealed)

Its Halloween, three friends decide to have a go with an Ouija board, but they unleash all sorts of horrors, working together they must put everything right before someone gets hurt.

This is a creepy, scary story ideally for children who like an scare. Perfect for years 5, 6 and above. 

Utterly Dark and the Face of the Deep

  • Written by Philip Reeve.
  • Publishing by David Fickling Books on 2nd September 

Utterly Dark was found as a baby in a basket abandoned on the beach.

She’s looked after by the Watcher of Wildsea until he sadly dies.

 Her Uncle Will takes over his job, Utterly and Will must get used to each other and put aside their differences to save Wildsea.

This is  a absolutely fantastic book, the plot has you hooked from the start, you are made to believe that you are actually in Wildsea.

This is a must for my school library. 

By Helen Byles

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