Wolf Girl

  • Written and illustrations by Jo Loring Fisher

Sophy is shy and she finds it difficult to talk to other children at school. But at home she likes to become a wolf cub and be part of the pack, she evens has her own den in her house. 

She has a costume of a wolf which makes her feel brave and full of confidence. So she decides to wear the costume to school one day thinking it will help her overcome her shyness, and help her to make friends.  Unfortunately  this backfires and the other children make fun of her. As soon as she returns home she go straight to her den, where she feels safe, when suddenly she feels the cold air against her face, she finds herself with a wolf and her cub, she enjoys being a pack member, and finds out what it really is like to be a wolf, she also meets a bear and discovers what its like to leave someone out, will she take all she has learned back to school with her?

This is a beautiful book full of courage, and hope and how to overcome your problems. It also teaches children that they aren’t alone and that other children feel lonely to and they need to reach out to others.

The illustrations are beautifully drawn and full of details. The pictures are warm and could tell a story by themselves. 

By Helen Byles.

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