Great Rivers of the World

Written by Volker Mehnert

Illustrated by Martin Haake

The Colorado river is very important. Millions of people rely on the Colorado river, people living Los Angeles, Las Vegas,  Phoenix and Denver get their water supply and their electric energy from the Colorado river. 

The river supplies two artificial lakes in north America, which in  turns irrigates the fields and suppliers the community. But do the people care?

The Murray river in Australia is 1554 miles long, the  mouth of the river has  strange natural features, before the Murray reaches the sea it stretches out wide to become a natural lake called Lake Alexandriana.

It’s interesting isn’t it. Well I think so.

This book is wonderful, full of interesting information. this book tells the story of 18 legendary rivers from all 5 continents. Every time to you pick this book up you will discover another fascinating fact.

We learn how to look after the rivers, why they are important for human beings and animals and what we can do to protect the rivers. We also learn about their history. 

The illustrations are beautifully drawn and amazing. 

There is so much detail that has gone into them.

There are fold out pages, which I always like. The book is a hard back and has big pages.

This is my favourite non fiction book so far this year.

By Helen Byles. 

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