The Girl in the Wooden Armour

  • Written by Conrad Mason
  • Published by David Fickling Books

Hattie goes to visit her Granny for the first time in years, she has always found her to be a strange person, but this time she has gone missing This time every thing is strange, the people, the old people’s home and what exactly is the Un Forest?

Soon Hattie discovers that her Granny isn’t the person she thought she was, she’s far more interesting.  Hattie and Granny need to work together to solve the mystery and save Hattie’s dad. 

I loved this book, it has everything I need in a book, eccentric family  and friends, magic, and a secret door and of course an adventure . The book makes you feel as if you are Hattie. You get to go on the journey with her, you get to feel her loneliness and her anger towards her dad who has been keeping secrets from her over her mum’s death.

A copy of this book will be heading towards my school library. 

By Helen Byles. 

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