Can Bears Ski

  • Written by Ted Hughes award winning poet Raymond Antrobus
  • Illustrated by Polly Dunbar
  • Published by Walker Book’s on 4th February 2021
  • RRP – £9.99 (Hardback)

Dad bear tries really hard to wake boy bear up in the mornings,  but it’s a struggle. Dad bear tries to talk to boy bear but it’s a struggle,  boy bear struggles to understand his teacher and friends. All boy bear can hear is Can bears ski? And his left wondering if he should be skiing. When really bears around him are asking if he can hear them. Then  one day Dad bear takes him for a hearing test.

There they discover he has hearing problems so we follow boy bear as he has hearing aids fitted, and learns to lip read. There are days when he doesn’t want to wear his hearing aids and hides them up.

I really enjoyed this book, I’d never read a book dealing with childhood hearing loss before.

The writer himself is deaf and draws on his own childhood  experiences and the illustrator is partially deaf and wears hearing aids so to  them both this book is very special. 

The illustrations are beautifully drawn and warm and caring. Through this book children will be able to express their feelings and have confidence to find there place in the world. 

By Helen Byles.

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