Leo and the Octopus

  • Written by Isabelle Marinov 
  • Illustrated by Chris Nixon
  • Published by Templars books on 7th January 2021
  • 32 Pages

Leo sees the world different to you and me, colours are too bright , sounds are too noisy, and there are far too many people around. 

Leo thought he was an alien, people didn’t understand him and he definitely didn’t understand them. Leo finds the world lonely,  stressful and tiring. 

One day he meets an octopus called Maya who he identifies with. 

He goes to the library to research octopuses  and learns every thing there is to know about them. He and Maya become friends and he is allowed to touch her. He visits as often as he can and even make puzzles for her.

This is a beautiful story about Asperger’s syndrome,  this is a type of autism.

While reading the book you get a feeling what it’s like to live with Asperger’s syndrome, what it’s like to be the person with it. Both my children have Asperger’s syndrome and this is the first book I’ve read that makes you truly understand what the person is thinking and feeling. It gives you a look at their point of view, and see what life is like for them.

I wish this book had been around a few years ago. This will help a lot of parents understand their children better.

The pictures are full of details and these can tell the story by themselves. This is a wonderful book and one I will always keep.

Post written by Helen Byles

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