Beautiful and Brilliant Board Books

Octopants – Suzy Senior and Claire Powell

  • Published by Little Tiger
  • RRP – £6.99

This is a fun to read tale of an Octopus that longs to find somewhere to buy underwear from that is intended for a sea creature with eight legs, and as it is told in rhyming sentences you immediately find the awaiting underwater adventure to be as fast paced as it is hilarious. The bold illustrations draw your eye to the sea creatures and scenes being depicted, and help bring them to life through the use of vivid colours. There is much for little ones to learn through hearing this story, and doubtless conversations will arise afterwards too, all of which paves the way for little ones to become interested in life that exists in our oceans. A book that will leave little ones smiling as they see the silly side to the story, laughing out loud as they follow along, and asking to hear Octopants time and time again too!

Zoom Dinosaur Adventure – Susan Hayes and Sam Rennocks

  • Published by What On Earth Books
  • RRP – £10.99

What isn’t to love about a dinosaur themed board book? As I have stated before, it is always so nice to see this incredible species in books for toddlers, particularly as I know first hand just how popular dinosaurs are with little boys and girls, especially those who have an older sibling interested in them too. This board book takes readers back in time with best friends Jasmine and Jamie, who use a time machine to travel back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The pair spot many different species of dinosaurs, from those on land, in the sky, and in the sea. All of those they spot are named in full, as well as being labelled in the illustrations, which makes them easy to identify and point out to little ones. The beauty of the content in this book is the dinosaurs are all depicted in a friendly, interesting way, and doing so ensures little ones are not scared to hear the adventure friends Jasmine and Jamie have, whilst learning some fascinating information along the way. A fold out awaits readers at the very end, making for a fantastic surprise ending to an awesome book.

Zoom Rainforest Adventure – Susan Hayes and Susanna Rumiz

This title in the Zoom series features a young girl called Lin, who heads off into the rainforest for an adventure. Along the way she crosses paths with so many animals and insect inhabitants, and is in complete awe of her surroundings. It is breathtakingly beautiful in the rainforest for Lin, which is evident from the stunning illustrations throughout the book, which reward readers with fabulous detail across the page to draw their eye too. Just like the Dinosaur Adventure title in the Zoom series by Susan Hayes, this book has cut outs to the pages which make it fun to explore, and this title concludes with a fold out at the end too. The perfect way to combine reading, learning, animals, and adventures.

Together – Emma Dodd

  • Published by Nosy Crow
  • RRP – £6.99

This is a heart warming, feel good book that younger children will enjoy hearing, and adore sharing with those they love too. Depicting a variety of scenarios that are shared between a Seal and her child, the illustrations bring the respective emotions to life, and as the book progresses the bond between the two is evident for all to enjoy. The pair do lots of activities throughout the day that are enjoyable and exciting, and much like the title suggests they enjoy doing so together, and evidently would not have it any other way. A gorgeous story book that encompasses everything that is special when you are spending time with someone you have a very special bond with, just like that of a mother and child.

Change Starts with Us – Sophie Beer

  • Published by Nosy Crow
  • RRP – £6.99

A hugely relevant topic is covered within this book, and it is relevant to all ages, and the responsibility of us all – making changes to help the environment, and the earth overall. The book uses the sentence starter ‘Change starts with…’ and then depicts examples of things that will have major positive impacts as a consequence. Whether it be travelling by foot or push bike instead of by car, or turning off taps when we are done at the sink to save water, there are so many brilliant examples throughout this book that little ones will find themselves growing awareness of, and thinking back to this book whilst making the respective change(s) that will benefit generations to come. The bold illustrations are fantastic as they ensure that children can visualise the message each page is putting across to them, and that they understand the context too. This book is a brilliant tool to teach the younger generation the tools they need an awareness of going forward that will have a huge benefit to the environment, and beyond. The illustrations feature children in scenes children will be familiar with, acting in the suggested appropriate way, which combined with the text makes for an invaluable resource with little ones, and an overall special book to share.

Where’s Mrs Car? – Illustrated by Ingela P Arrhenius

  • Published by Nosy Crow
  • RRP – £6.99

When a board book has flaps and interactive features there is always that immediate knowledge that little ones will enjoy getting involved with the contents of the book, and the story as it develops, and this can definitely be said about this new title from Nosy Crow. The book features a plane, train, boat and car, all of which are hiding behind felt flaps, making it fun for little ones to help to find them, with the added bonus of the textured touch and feel aspect. The final flap in this book is shaped like a house, and the final two page spread asks ‘And where are you?’ which adds that final element of ensuring little ones feel included in this book, revealing a mirror behind the map for little ones to see themselves in. I have a nephew that loves seeing cars when I take him out on walks locally, and I know he would love the contents of this book as it not only includes a car but it also features other modes of transport that I cannot show him close up, but that I know he will find equally fascinating, and that the car inside this book is ‘Mrs Car’ is for me the icing on the cake, as it ensures inclusivity of both boys and girls sharing this book, and gives a far to masculine theme a vital feminine aspect. The illustrations are bold, colourful, and perfect for teaching younger children the respective mode of transport. A must have title for little ones to enjoy over and over again.

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