Board Books for Babies and Toddlers

These books are perfect for sharing with little ones that enjoy interacting with books, and are fans of animals or transport. Whether it is a book that unfolds to an incredible length or one that showcases life on a building site, there is so much to enjoy and engage in within the books featuring on this blog.

Where’s Brian’s Bottom? by Rob Jones (Pavilion)

This concertina board book will have little ones laughing out loud as they explore the different rooms at home to help Brian find his bottom! The others pets found around the home are the other characters in the book, who are asked for details to determine where the sausage dog’s bottom is, and lead to more hunting as a consequence. The book unfolds to a massive two metres in length, and portrays Brian during the day across the entirety of one side, and at night time sound asleep across the length of the other side. Children will love the book unfolding, and all the detail to be appreciated within the illustrations – such as the mice eating cheese, and cat asleep.

Hickory Dickory Dock (sing along with me!) illustrated by Yu-hsuan Huang (Nosy Crow)

A shorter adaptation of the traditional nursery song known to generations, this board book encourages little ones to interact with sliders to add actions to the lyrics. Push and pull motions will bring the illustrations to life by adding movement to them, and the clock makes it all the way to four before the mice give up and go to sleep! Adorable in content, and featuring brilliant interactivity makes the perfect combination for little ones to enjoy this song whilst having fun too.

  • Additional new titles in the Sing along with me! series include Five Little Ducks.

Let’s Go! On a Digger by Rosalyn Albert and Natalia Moore (New Frontier)

The rhyming sentences throughout this book make this a really enjoyable read, as children learn about parts of diggers, and uses for them too. Boys and girls will love the insight into building sites this book offers, and being able to use their imaginations combined with the illustrations in the book to create adventures with diggers (and other vehicles too). This book is perfect for sharing with little ones that are inquisitive, as well as those who have family members that work in this industry, or just to learn about something new and interesting from a fantastic book that take audiences off on adventures using vehicles and scenes that are completely new to them, and does so ensuring that children reading this book feel safe along the way by explaining re

  • Let’s Go! On a Train is now also available in the series

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