Malamander Proof Cover

Set in Eerie-On-Sea, echoing the seaside towns we visit during the summer when they are busy and bustling with tourists, except this story takes place outside of tourist season, in the cold winter months, when only the locals frequent the area, and it couldn’t be any more different!

This is children’s literature at its absolute best, immersing young readers in a world shrouded in mystery, brimming with adventure and with a myths and legend aspect too.

Herbert Lemon works at the Grand Nautilus Hotel as a Lost-and-Founder, returning lost items to their owners. He leads an uneventful life, following the same daily routine until a chance encounter with a girl called Violet changes everything. Violet is lost, her parents went missing twelve years prior, right there in Eerie-On-Sea and she calls upon Herberts skills to help her find them.

What follows is a grand scale mystery on many levels which sees the duo exploring the town of Eerie-On-Sea and scrutinizing the local residents for clues and information, with twists and turns along the way that keep the reader both immersed and curious.

When the pair become suspicious of a local legend that tells of a creature called the Malamander they look to better understand the locals fascination and determine whether there is any truth to the superstition only to find that the circumstances surrounding Violet’s parents disappearance link directly to the fog enveloped myth.

A story about a pair of truth seekers, brave and determined on their quest of lost and founding, this book will captivate young readers through to the very end, and have them longing for so much more, to read of sea creatures wandering the shore while experiencing the seaside we all know so well being bought to life in this entirely new, creative plotting is magical, middle grade reading at it’s very best.

Published by – Walker Books Publication date – 02.05.19 RRP – £7.99

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