The Good Thieves

Out June 13th, the long awaited new title from Katherine Rundell is published. The Good Thieves takes us on a voyage to New York where it seems anything is possible, including a heist undertaken by children, and it is a vividly stunning piece of childrens literature.

Vita travels to America with her mum to visit her Grandfather, her mums intentions are to pack up his life and bring him back home with them, but when Vita realises that her Grandfather has been conned out of his long standing family home by a local crime lord she refuses to accept it, vowing to herself that she will get him the justice he is so deservant of.

When Vita happens to cross paths with two boys from a circus event nearby they soon become friends and when Vita performs a recon visit on the man responsible for her Grandfathers downfall she becomes acquainted with a highly talented pick pocket masquerading as a waitress.

These four combine talents and form a force to be reckoned with that are determined to break into Vitas Grandfathers old home and recover an emerald necklace that he disclosed was his one regret for leaving behind, safely hidden before his eviction by local thugs.

Cue the best childrens heist story of all time, the four children set about making plans for the entire job, looking into blueprints and travel arrangements late at night to name a few. Each chapter grabs your curiosity as to how it will all conclude and whether or not they will be successful, tense at times this book really delivers the full robbery experience.

Transporting the reader to the hustle and bustle of New York streets and it’s infamous crime scene from the low level pick pocketing to the high stakes crime bosses, this truly is the most brilliant and believable story of one girl’s determination to achieve the best by her family with the help of those that will undoubtedly be friends forever.

Published by – Bloomsbury Kids Publication date – 13.06.19 RRP – £12.99 (HB)

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