Picture Books – July 2022 (Part Two)

Daddy and Me and the Rhyme to be

  • Chris Bridges and Halcyon Person
  • Illustrated by Parker-Nia Gordon
  • Published by Scholastic on 2nd June

This is a book about a daughter and a dad who enjoy making up lyrics to songs together, feeling inspired by the beat of music. Dad always makes up the line that rhymes with his little girl, Karma’s, but when she tries to write a song as a surprise for her dads birthday she struggles. Karma creates some funny lines as she attempts to write her special song, and children will find them hilarious, especially with the accompanying illustrations portraying the weird and crazy that she comes up with.

Karma ends up confiding in her dad about her thoughtful gift idea, and how much she has struggled, and together they make the perfect song. This book reflects the special bond between father and daughter, and overall family love. Karma makes up rhyming sentences with her dads encouragement for his special song, and his believe in her gives her the self confidence she needed to succeed.

My Magic Family ( The Story about the Magic of ALL Families)

  • Lotte Jeffs
  • Illustrated by Sharon Davey
  • Published by Penguin on 26th May

This book features rhyming sentences throughout this brilliant book that tells of all the different types of family there are, and does so through children detailing them in fantastical way whilst together at nursery school. There is so much to enjoy as we are told of families that came from space, one girl whose dad is a merman, and so much more. Each family is also unique in who makes up the family unit, whether it be two mums, just dad, nan, two dads, and parents who have separated too.

This book allows everyone to recognise their circumstances, and have many adventures along the way.

Molly and the Dolphins

  • Malachy Doyle
  • Illustrated by Andrew Whitson
  • Published by Graffeg

Molly is gifted her very own little sail boat by her dad, which she names The Mermaid, and is taught how to sail in it by her dad. They spot dolphins while sailing, and Molly names one Dot, who swims by the boat every day. Dot has a baby, which gets caught in a fishing net, and Molly gets her dad to come and help. When Molly gets lost out at sea it is the dolphins that show her the way safely back home, before they migrate for the winter.

I loved the adventure aspect to this story, but there was something more alluring to the dolphins becoming so close to Molly, and ultimately saving the day. I know their are so many children who will love the animals being such a key aspect to Molly’s adventure.

10 Cats

  • Emily Gravett
  • Published by Two Hoots on 4th August

This book is brilliant, it counts cats from one to ten, detailing how they differ by colour because the cats have found cans of paint! The counting concludes with ten very colourful cats indeed! This book is gorgeously illustrated, with cute and colourful cats throughout to enjoy and adore, and whether there are cats in your home or not you really will want this book in you collection. It is a winning combination to combine numbers and these colourful cats as children will definitely want to find the cats on the page to count along, and pick up the numbers along the way as they enjoy a beautiful book.

Grow, Tree, Grow!

  • Dom Conlon
  • Illustrated by Anastasia Izlesou
  • Published by Graffeg on 5th July

This book tells of the lifespan of a tree from shoot to huge tree, with the many dangers faced along the way, whether that be animals to the weather. Grow, Tree, Grow is written in the most beautiful way, descriptive and like an ode to the tree, and its success too.

Stunningly illustrated with so much attention to detail, the use of lighting and various colour palettes give an earthy and natural look, bringing nature right to readers fingertips, and the wonderful words on the page to life. There is so much to learn from this book, and it is an utter delight to share with little ones, as well as indulge in it as an adult. I can see this book being cherished from the offset, and referred back to time and time again as children go from hearing the book being read to them to independent readers too.

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