Once Upon A Fever

Angharad Walker’s critically-acclaimed first book Ash House could only be described as a masterpiece, it was a pure joy to read. It was a dark creepy fantasy for children
that needed to be read in one sitting. It is the kind of book that when your
child asks to borrow it, you really don’t want to give it to them, and you find
yourself giving them a lecture about hand washing. So when it was announced
her new book was going to be called Once Upon a Fever, I knew this was going
to be her second masterpiece.

This is Angharad’s first novel for teenager readers, and they are in for a literary treat!

By the first paragraph I was hooked. I could feel myself in the hospital about to
go exploring the secret passageway.
We are in a world ruled by financiers and methics. A place where feelings are
feared and they are treated by medication.
An unfriendly world which is unbalanced and not nice. This is a dark and
dangerous place where you can’t show your emotions.
Two sisters have spent years in the hospital. Their father is a methic and their
mum is in a coma, held in a water chamber after the loss of a baby. All the
family are grieving.
The father and oldest sister are trying to find a cure for there mother while the
youngest is struggling to control her emotions.

Both sisters have a different path life but they are both trying to help their
mother. In this book you feel as though you are working in the hospital or its
you not breathing in the water chamber, you become the sisters desperately
trying to find a way to cure your mother.
At the start of this piece I said this would be her second masterpiece, well I was
right. This is truly a work of art and it’s like nothing I’ve read before.
This book will make you think how much would you go to protect a love one.
As for my children I will let them read this as long as they wash their hands!
I truly can’t wait for Angharad Walker’s next book, because what ever it will be its going
to be a good one.

Be sure to check out the rest of the blog tour for Once Upon a Fever via the information on the banner below.

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