Every Cloud

  • Written by Ros Roberts

I love nothing more than at night time listening to my mum read.

Because she is a librarian she knows the importance of using expression and she makes it fun by using different voices. We also like to guess what will happen next. 

As she reads she will stop to ask a question to make sure we understand the text, so I was delighted when I was given the chance to review this book.

As usual mum read the book out loud.

In this book we meet Cassie who believes everything is against her. She has discovered that she will be going to a different high school than all of her friends. 

She has annoying younger brothers.

Her grandfather’s dementia is getting worse.

Her so called best friend is mean to her.

Her family are moving to the other side of town for the summer holidays to stay with her grandparents. 

So all in all Cassie feels like she has a horrible life.

But when Cassie gets to her grandparents house she discovers Jay the really quiet boy from school lives across the road. She discovers a new type of friendship, the sort of friendship where people listen to each other. As time goes on Cassie, Jay and her grandfather form an unlikely trio.

This book is perfect for fans of Lisa Thompson. This book is about coping with change,  discovering new friends, and new starts in life.

As someone who will be starting at high school this September this book has made me believe that things will be OK, like everyone else I have worries about changing school and meeting and making new friends.  It has made me realise that I won’t be alone in doing this. 

By L aged 11.

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