Indulge your little one’s imagination with these fantastic Board Books from Nosy Crow

Sing Along with Me! Baa Baa Black Sheep

  • Illustrated by Yu-Hsuan Huang
  • Scan the QR code inside to hear the song

The much loved nursery song is brought to life with the most stunning traditional feel illustrations throughout, making sure the newest generation of children will become as big a fans of this song as us parents are when we singing it to the little ones in our lives. The sheep are all enjoying themselves in each scene that unfolds on the page, and this is definitely one of those books to cherish in your collection, and go back to, generation after generation in your family. This is the latest title in a selection of sing-along style books that are all beautifully illustrated by the incredibly talented Yu-Hsuan Huang, and I highly recommend the others too, including Happy Birthday, Hickory Dickory Dock, A Sailor Went to Sea, and many more.

Peekaboo Chick

  • Written by Camilla Reid
  • Illustrated by Ingela.P.Arrhenius
  • Features 10 sliders, and a mirror at the end for little ones to enjoy.

This adorable book features rhyming sentences throughout, making it super fun to read to little ones, and the repetition of ‘Peekaboo’ in every sentence enables little ones to learn the respective action we use with them and that word, and then do the action themselves as the book is read, and those little ones who are already familiar with the peekaboo associated action already can enjoy engaging from the get go, much like my beautiful nephew does when we share this book. The bold, brightly coloured illustrations feature ducks, flowers, and of course chicks (and so much more!), and captivate little ones as a consequence. Be sure to check out Peekaboo Moon and the other titles in the Peekaboo series, they are as fabulous as they are fun.

Where’s Mrs Cat?

  • Written and Illustrated by Ingela.P.Arrhenius
  • Features felt flaps, and a mirror at the end for little ones to enjoy

I absolutely love how this book repeats ‘Where’s’ at the start of each sentence, because it allows us to emphasise it when sharing this book with little ones, and in doing so capture their attention, and get them excited. The question style sentences ask where different animals are, which can be found under the felt flaps on the respective page, and teach children multiple animals, which are all titled animals from the series, and get little ones excited to see their favourite/pet inside the book. The bold, brightly coloured illustrations make this ideal as a first board book, especially as the sentences are quite short, as well as for little ones that enjoy board books for the enjoyment they offer to those of a young age. There are loads more titles in this series, and I definitely recommend getting your own collection together. You can see a lot of the titles available by checking out my review of Where’s Mrs Queen?.

Bizzy Bear Fun Park

  • Written and Illustrated by Benji Davies
  • Features sliders to push and pull

This book is an absolute favourite of mine because of the repetition of ‘Bizzy Bear, Bizzy Bear’ at the start of each rhyming sentence that features within this brilliant board book. It makes reading it to little ones so much fun because the alliteration allows you as the reader to make the start of each sentence sound so exciting, and it also means little ones are not only captivated and wanting you to read more and more to them but it also means that as little ones learn the words they can join in too. There are lots of fairground rides and other fun details to enjoy via the bold and brightly coloured illustrations that feature throughout, with so much for little ones to find on the page as their imaginations are captivated by the happy, and fun filled scenes. I also enjoyed another title in this superb series, Bizzy Bear Breakdown Truck, and there are lots of others to choose and enjoy too.

Big Outdoors for Little Explorers : Seaside

  • Written by Anne-Kathrin Behl
  • There are sliders on every page to engage little ones with
  • National Trust approved title

This board book is jam packed with factual information on seaside animals through every sentence on the books pages, and the sentences rhyming make it a fun read to share with little ones too. I love that the sliders show little ones the movement of the respective animal that features inside this book, whilst offering interactive enjoyment at the same time. It is easy to see why this book is approved by the National Trust because it is stunningly illustrated with seaside scenes and animals using a beautiful colour palette, and has lots to be learnt inside with regards to the textual content. This would be a perfect companion for little ones heading on a trip to the seaside, and would definitely entertain them during the car journey, and returning home too when they can point at those trip relevant things that feature inside that they have seen whilst there. Books themed on Rivers and Woods are due for publication later this year in this series too.

Big Outdoors for Little Explorers : Countryside

Much like the title above, this is another fabulous addition to the world of board books for babies, written by Anne-Kathrin Behl, and full of incredible information about the countryside. We often venture to the countryside as it offers the peace and tranquillity we are often lacking in our day to day lives, and nothing beats some fresh countryside air as you picnic, venture on a ramble, or visit a farm even, and those vibes are definitely quite apparent in this beautiful book with its bees, butterflies, grasshoppers, and much more that feature inside. The sliders inside this book once again show the respective movement of the animal/wildlife it references, and just like the Seaside themed book above this Countryside themed book is stunningly illustrated, with much to see and spot on the pages – something little ones will definitely enjoy. A perfect companion on a trip to the countryside, or any journey that offers the opportunity to spot the books content, this is a book that you will long cherish, and I highly recommend purchasing the titles in this collection, as they combine to make a brilliant selection for little ones, and are definitely those sort of books you will hand down the generations too.

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