Blood of the Lost Kingdom. Daughter of Erabel

  • Written by Kristen Ward

This is book 2 in the series,  and to really know what is going on its best to read book 1 first. 

This book carries on straight after the first one.

After being cruelly betrayed Fiadh returns home to the forest to rediscover her people and herself. 

 Exploring her birth right she is joined by an AOS warrior Caelan, and she discovers the history of her race, and finds the power flowing in her veins.

But things in the forest aren’t well, men are trying to overpower her, and destroy those who protect her.

This is a dark YA fantasy that contains graphic medieval battle scenes that contain lots of blood.

The first book contained a lot of character build up where the second one deals with setting the scene. 

This is an enjoyable YA book.

I would recommend this to teenagers aged 14 plus.

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