Short Chapter Books from Sweet Cherry

Regular readers of BookBound will know how much we love easy short chapter books. 

These books are ideal for children aged 6yrs and above who have mastered picture books and are looking for a book that will take them to the next level.

These books are Easy to read, the chapters are short, the text is larger and usually have illustrations to add to the enjoyment. 

I have recently enjoyed two of these books.

A Discovery Disappears

  • Written by Pip Murphy
  • Illustrations by Roberta Tedeschi

Agatha and her sister Christie (notice the play on the names) are in a race against time to save Alexander Fleming’s reputation.

This is a interesting story that will introduce young children to famous people from history.  

Magic Animal Cafe: Herriot the Caretaker Mouse 

  • Written by Stella Tarakson
  • Illustrations by Fabiana Attanasio

Moving to a new town can be difficult. Ellie and her mum do just this, but things get interesting when Ellie finds a magic old phone.

This is the first in the series which I have a feeling girls will enjoy. 

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