Cruel Castle – Blog Tour

Now I loved Savage Island and the author left so many unanswered questions,  like what happened to the teenagers after they escaped the island.  There were so many possible endings that the teenagers could have had.

Luckily Bryony Pearce thought so too, so she wrote Cruel Castle as a follow up. We discover what has happened to Grady, Ben and Lizzie. For me I wasn’t too surprised about Grady, but things aren’t going Grady’s way and along with some co workers they are sent to a team building exercise. 

Now fans of Bryony Pearce know that things aren’t what they seem,  we all know that this isn’t really a team building exercise,  that this is some sinister plan of the Gold family.  And its not long before Dawson discovers this.

I was hooked,  part of me wanted to be at the castle just to see if I was clever enough to escape, and the other part of me was glad I was no where near the castle! I needed to keep reading, unable to put the book down, I was desperate to see what happened next. There were twists and turns throughout the book ,you never know what was going to happen next. 

Telling my family about this book they all asked how I slept at night, I said there’s nothing like a good scare before bed.

Personally I would recommend this book to teenagers aged over 14.

I Personally hope that there will be another book as I feel there is still unanswered questions 

-by Helen.

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