Brilliant Board Books to enjoy this October

A Peter Rabbit tale – Starting School by Beatrix Potter

  • Published by Puffin
  • RRP – £5.99

There is always something so incredibly soothing about the world of Beatrix Potter, and that is certainly true of this heart warming new title, intended for little ones. This story surrounding Peter Rabbit is one of his imminent start at school, and his nervousness and uncertainty as the day approaches. Peter is reminded by his mum that he has his friend Benjamin to keep him company in school, so he isn’t alone, and that provides comfort to the infamous little bunny in the blue jacket. Peter has a brilliant first day at school, and although he had hoped his little sisters would be able to come to school alongside him, and was disappointed when he couldn’t, he is reminded that coming home from school is all the more special because it means getting to seem them again.

I can see just how invaluable this book will be, for generations to come, as it combines a traditional book character that is a household name with a milestone in younger children’s lives that would always benefit from supporting material that can be shown to, and shared with, little ones, in order to offer up reassurance, and a level of familiarity to a situation and desired outcome relating to the intended reader/audience.

Little Nature – Wake Up by Pau Morgan

  • Published by Little Tiger
  • RRP – £6.99

This is a gorgeous book for little ones to enjoy, with a theme of animals waking up after they have enjoyed a sleep. There are lots of different animal species that feature inside the book, as well as their respective habitats too. The colour palette used is very subtle, and gives off a bedtime cosiness to it, and leaves you feeling relaxed too. Hibernation and Habitats are the running themes in this book, and they are taught in primary school, so this is a fantastic chance to learn a little in regards to both topics early on, and I love the cut out pages that offer little ones a view point into the next page, and add a fun design feature to the book.

Included inside this book are Dormice, a Bear and her cubs, Lemurs, and even a Tortoise, and each of them are stunningly illustrated amongst the nature they live in, and come to life on the page through how beautifully they are depicted. This book will inspire little ones with the information it offers, both visually and as text, and I am completely in love with the glance it offers into the animal world, with it concluding by asking readers if they know of any other animals that hibernate, which offers up the chance to learn more beyond this book, have conversations with family members, and broaden their knowledge too.

Listen to the Music by Mozart by Marion Billet

  • Published by Nosy Crow
  • RRP – £8.99

This is a brilliant book that features six songs by Mozart, which are listed on the double page spread, as well as a question being posed alongside them, which is relevant to the musical piece listed, such as the instruments that feature. Each piece of music has the pages illustrated in full, bright colour, and include animals that are playing instruments that can be heard within that musical piece, and the special feature about this book is that inside the back cover is a hidden on/off switch that when turned on allow little ones to hear an extract of each of the six songs, all they need to do is press the button on the relevant page.

Little ones will delight in this book featuring Twinkle Twinkle Little Star within its pages, and I can definitely see them wanting to play this one over and over. All of the songs have a brilliant quality to them, and are beautiful to listen to. I can definitely see little ones enjoying this book, especially as it offers interactivity along the way. I think this is a fantastic way to keep classical music alive, and that in introducing this book to little ones they will likely become familiar with, and fans of, classical music.

Who said Twit Twoo? by Yi-Hsuan Wu

  • Published by Little Tiger
  • RRP – £6.99

This adorable animal themed book asks whether the animal that can be seen on the page is responsible for the animal sound referenced on the page, and the answer is revealed by little ones interacting with the pages respective flap. Each page will have little ones giggling and smiling as they will come to know that the animal they initially see cannot possibly be the one that makes the sound in question.

Adding even more potential for interaction from little ones is the pages primary animal featuring a textured feeling patch to them, which corresponds with their natural feel, and once again this detailing offers little ones yet more insight and information to pick up. On the concluding page there is a mirror for little ones to be able to view themselves in, and it asks a question of them too, “What do you say?”. This could then create additional conversations from the intended reader, and help them to learn vocabulary skills along the way. I love the nature theme of this book, the stunning illustrations, the interactive appeal to the book, and that there is a humorous aspect to the content too.

Bizzy Bear Breakdown Truck – Benji Davies

Benji Davies has once again created a fantastic addition to the world of children’s literature with Bizzy Bear Breakdown Truck, which tells the story of a breakdown vehicle owner, Bizzy Bear. Told in rhyming sentences, readers can follow the tasks undertaken during a day at work by Bizzy, who comes to the rescue when other characters have trouble with their vehicles.

The book features sliders throughout, including one to interact with on the cover, and these make the book fun to share as little ones can assist in the progression of the adventure inside, and enjoy the additional details these provide in a visual sense. Little ones will love all of the vehicle content, and the adorable character, Bizzy. Also, the book offering an insightful glance at what this profession includes makes this a brilliant book to share in an informative sense, and the portrayal of this is done so in a fun and exciting way that is likely to inspire little ones to dream of one day become a breakdown person when they grow up.

The illustrations are bold, colourful, and detailed, and make observing the content easy for little ones throughout, and offer much more to see and enjoy on every page then the story itself, and this will consequently be a hugely popular title with little ones, and doubtlessly requested time and time again too.

Peekaboo Moon by Camilla Read

  • Published by Nosy Crow
  • RRP – £7.99

with repetition of the word Peekaboo throughout, and phrases on each page that subsequently rhyme, this is a brilliant book choice if you are looking to increase your child’s vocabulary, and to teach them about every day items such as a clock or the moon. I love that there are sliders to interact with on each page, and that the book concludes with a mirror to further include the reader in the experience.

The illustrations can be credited to Ingela P Arrhenius, who has illustrated the entire Peekaboo series, of which there have been lots prior to this, and hopefully many more to come too. The style of the illustrations is that of bold, colourful, and are perfect for little ones as they have not been over complicated in unnecessary details, and this allows the intended audience to recognise the key components and details of each of the referenced items. I love the balance there is between this book being fun and it being informative, and this is a firm favourite of mine from 2021 when it comes to board books.

Sing along with me! Happy Birthday

  • Published by Nosy Crow
  • RRP – £5.99

With the lyrics to the infamous happy birthday song inside, what is not to love and enjoy – especially when this book also features sliders for little ones to interactive with, which reveal those wanting to wish the books main character a happy birthday when pushed/pulled.

This would be a brilliant gift for a little one for their birthday, or as a resource shared to teach the lyrics to the song in a fun and engaging way in general. Illustrated by Yu-hsuan Huang, who has used bright and vibrant colours throughout, this is the best example of celebration that little ones can get their hands on – quite literally as they enjoy the sliders, and will love all of the adorable characters that feature within it too.

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