YA, Why not?

Raising Hell by Bryony Pearce

  • Published by UCLan publishing 

Imagine being the person, while trying to bring a dead friend back to life, opening a rift letting dark matters in to the world. 

Ivy is that person,  its ruined her life,  her mum left  quickly followed by her dad, and she’s left living with her cat, a cat that is actually her dead gran. So to try and make matters better she is now school security,  keeping zombies, hellhounds and monsters at bay.

Until a goth gets her the sack. 

This is an truly excellent YA book. I was hooked from the first chapter and I couldn’t put it down. Not for younger children. 

We are bound by stars by Kesia Lupo

  • Published by Bloomsbury 

Set on a mysterious island were assassins plague the city, strange creatures rise in the desert,  strange things happen. 

Livio is heir to the kingdom a reluctant heir who has spent his life rebelling against the institution.

Beatrice has been brought up believing she is a triplet, but her life isn’t what she believes it to be.

Unfortunate events bring these two young people together,  they will have to work together to rid there world of evil. 

This was so good, the characters were interesting and complex. 

It was interesting to see how the two main characters grew throughout the book. 

This is a young adult story and I would recommend it to children aged 14+.

A Hunters moon by Danny Weston

  • Published by UCLan publishing 

In the forest of Tay a fearsome beast lives, not content with killing animals its started to feed on people.

Frazer and his assistant Callum  are called to help the locals out, but all isn’t what it seems. What hold does Frazer have over Callum,  what secrets does the Lord of the Manor have and exactly how many beasts are there?

This book was amazing, it’s definitely my favourite YA book of 2021.

I found it difficult to put the book down, I just wanted one more chapter, you felt as if you were there, as if the Beast was breathing hard against your neck. 

You experience the characters emotions, you are with them as they plan what they will do. You think what would I do…

Suitable for 14yrs+

Be sure to check out our feature by Danny Weston, as part of the blog tour for A Hunters Moon, which you can find here.

The Outlaws Scarlett and Browne by Jonathan Stroud

  • Published by Walker Books

I had been looking forward to reading this for so long, and I wasn’t disappointed. The story was amazing. 

Scarlet McCann is the sort of outlaw that fires first and asked questions later, she survive s by doing bank heists, and never looking back, then she meets Albert Browne, a boy with secrets and the ability to do dark things.

Working together they become the most notorious outlaws Britain has ever seen.

I was hooked by the first paragraph and knew I needed more. After reading this book I still need more much more.

Savage island by Bryony Pearce 

  • Published by Red Eye 

How far would you go for 1 million pounds,  for instance would you chop your best mates ear off? Well that’s one of the problems facing 5 friends. 

When 5 friends decide to enter a competition to win 1 million pounds they didn’t realise what their tasks would be, and they are not on the island long before their faced with their first major decision. 

We follow the friends during their highs and many lows as they battle other teams to win the money. 

I really enjoyed this book,  this is aimed at the older child and says so on the book, this has an amazing twist towards the end which I never saw coming. 

I’m glad I had the chance to read this book.

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