Middle Grade Reads by Helen

The Incredible Record Smashers by Jenny Pearson

Published by Usborne

Last year I decided to list my top 10 books of the year, and The miraculous journey of Freddie Yates came in at number 2, beaten only by the wonderful Midnight guardians. 

So I was so excited to read this book, and I wasn’t disappointed. 

Lucy is desperate to make her mum happy,  her mum has mental health issues and sometimes she has to go into hospital. 

This is one of those times, so off to aunty Sheila  Lucy goes.

Along with her friend  Sandesh, they decide that to make mum smile again they will appear on Record Smashers .

This is funny in places, but it deals with sensitive issues involving mental health,  as we follow Lucy through the book we get to see what a child makes of it all.

I’m so looking forward to reading the next book.

On a personal note I’d love an aunty Sheila.

Everyday Magic by Jess Kidd

Published by Canongate Books

Nine year old Alfie has become an orphan after the tragic accidents suffered by his parents. He is sent to live with his two aunts who he has never met. 

They are very strange and very soon Alfie realises that they are different, their witches. After a while he makes friends with a girl from the circus.  

Soon they are mixed up with the high grand witch, and need to rescue Nova a 3 year old child. This is fantastic, it has everything that I need in a book, witches, magic and adventure. The author has you hooked by the first chapter.  

I really hope she writes a second book. 

The Caravan at the Edge of Doom by Jim Beckett

Published by Farshore

Harley is staying with her grandparents in there caravan, its just a normal visit until one by one her grandparents go to the toilet and suddenly explodes. Yes you read right explodes.

It turns out her grandparents are actually guardians to the land of the dead, but there time is up and its Harley’s time to be guardian. That’s all OK until her baby brother  accidentally goes through the portal. 

So its up to her to rescue him.

This is a fantastic book which had me hooked from the first paragraph.

Its funny in places and had me laughing out loud. 

The illustrations are really good.

The Astonishing Future of Alex Nobody by Kate Gilby Smith

Published by Orion Children’s Books

Sadly Alex’s mum died, soon after she was born, so she was looked after by her uncle Henry.

They adored each other and they were so alike. Alex loved being home schooled by her uncle, but as time passed she realised she wanted to go to school. 

But she wasn’t like everyone else and she didn’t fit in, until she met Jasper. 

But there’s something not quite right about Jasper, what is he hiding? 

And who are all those tourists? 

Alex must travel in time to rescue her only friend. Will she find him and who exactly is  Alex?

The books this year are getting better and better, I was hooked, I really wanted to read the book but wanted it to last forever. And the twist in the last chapter is fantastic and never saw it coming.

Felix Unlimited by Andrew Norriss

Published by David Fickling Books 

Felix is a teenager and all he wants to do is run a business.  

He hits on the idea of putting birthday cards on line for sale, he soon realises that he needs help so he in  lists the help of school friends.  

They become so popular that they need even more help, this time from the adults.  This is a wonderful story of friendship and following your dreams. 

I know I’d be proud if my children did something like this.

Trailblazers, Lin Manuel Miranda by Kurtis Scaletta

Published by Little Tiger

So I’ll put my hands up and say television and films don’t interest me. 

I find them boring so I will admit I’d never heard of Lin Manuel Miranda before.

But after reading  this book I know all about him and what an interesting life he has.

I’ve researched the trailblazers book series and its looks like a good series to have in the school library, and I will make sure the children have some.

Echo Mountain by Lauren Wolk

Published by Penguin

I have a confession, I spent an awful lot of time looking at the cover trying to work out which of the houses I’d like to live in, in the end I decided that the house at the bottom of the mountain would be best, it has more space. 

Ellie’s family have fallen on hard times, after they loose their house they have to move and start again on the mountains. 

When Ellie’s dad has an accident and left in a coma it’s up to the rest of the family to carry on, but Ellie’s different, she believes she can cure her dad with the help of the hag. But when Ellie finds the hag she also needs Ellie’s help.

With the hags help will Ellie’s mum finally listen to her, will Ellie’s dad wake up and who is the old hag? Well I’m not going to spoil it for you, and you will just have to read it yourself. All I will say is it really is a fantastic book with brilliant characters and well worth a read.

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